Saturday, February 20, 2021

A SHOW OF FAITH - New Prose Story

Available to read on-line for FREE - NOW!

Hi Everyone,

Well, as you already know by now here at the Keep we like to give you guys the occasional "Freebie" and today is no different.

Over on the Worlds End Website, inside the ARCANUM Area (you can find this on the top bar of the website, alongside the SHOP) you can read the latest Prose story from Tim, which is set way back in the annals of time - pre-dating LAST BATTLE.

This a tale of the times when the War Monging Trolls ruled most of the planet of Gaeyrth.

It is a short piece and sets up the scene in readiment of an accord with the Trolls and the rest of the Kingdoms in the world at the time.

This tale is set in a very different Gaeyrth, many thousands of years before the latest graphic novels.

You can read it here: A Show of Faith

We look forward, as always to hearing what you guys think.

Check back soon for more updates on the Worlds End Saga.

Have Fun!

Best Wishes,
Tim, Bentley and Izzy and the Gang at Wizards Keep

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