Friday, September 17, 2021

New Worlds End Poster For Sale

Announcing the New Worlds End A3 and soon to be A2 Poster Design Commissioned by Wizards Keep Limited - created by "HOT" New Artist, Tom Longworth in all it's Glory.

"Something Aoevill This Way Comes."
Now available to order from the Wizards Keep website here:
I am sure you will agree this is a superb Piece of artwork. I am a BIG Fan of Tom's work! Hence him hiring him to work for us on this Poster in the first place. I know all of us in the Wizards Keep Team are looking forward to hearing what you think of this brilliant piece of artwork. In the meantime, Have Fun!
Best Wishes,
Tim, Bentley and Izzy and the rest of the Wizards Keep Team...

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