Sunday, August 29, 2010

Good Night Cocoa...

Our little Princess...

Hi Guys,

I had planned on another post here today, but late yesterday Margaret and I had a mad rush to the vets with our Beautiful English Springer Spaniel, Cocoa.

Everyone loved her that saw her and she was still just a puppy at one year, four months and eight days old.

She had been ill for about a week and had been to the vets twice during the week already and was on lots of medication and seemed to be getting a little better by Thursday, but sadly our little Princess died just before we could get though the traffic to the one in Clayton-Le-Moors on Saturday afternoon. I don’t think she would have lived even if we had however, as she became so poorly.

Margaret and I had alternated sleeping downstairs with Cocoa all week and on Thursday and Friday she seemed to be a little better, but on Saturday morning she looked really poorly again and Margaret contacted the vets once more.

She was a very brave puppy and never once bothered, although she was obviously so ill. We are both so proud of her when even to the end she held herself regally, which is why we called her “Our Little Princess.”

We’ll never get to see her have her one litter of puppies, which we both had thought would be nice for her, as she was such a beautiful puppy, I’ll never get to call out “Cocoa Doggy”, or “Gun Dog” again and Margaret will never again take her to Witton Park and have her jump into her favourite river the Blakewater, which runs through the park. But even though she was only a part of our family for such a short space of time with years ahead of her, so we thought, she gave more love than some human friends can give in a lifetime of knowing. And she knew she was well loved by all of us here including her doggy friends, especially her best friend, Bella, our little border collie and my own Bentley “Bogtrotter”.

When she died she was in the arms of the one who loved her the most, my wife, Margaret, who is devastated by her death.

We said our tearful goodbyes inside the vets, but we have some very lovely memories of our little dog and we will treasure them always.

I’ll never get to honour my promise of taking her for a nice walk in the woods when she got better, but maybe, if there is a heaven, then I can do so when it is my turn to leave this world. For now, I hope Jack looks after her for us as he celebrates his 93rd birthday today amongst the Heavens.

We miss you already, sweetheart and will love you always.

Goodnight little precious.

Love Mum and Dad...
August 29th 2010