Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Worlds End – Volume 02

A Hard Reign’s Gonna Fall – Latest Artwork
Hi Folks,

Well, today I thought it was way past time that I shared some more artwork from my present work-in-progress the second volume of my on-going “Science Fusion” graphic novel series, Worlds End.

This panel takes place on board the newly arrived Mother Ship as the bad guys are leaving The Grand Reef. Ooh another teaser, but then you know me by now.

Click on the panel above to see EVEN MORE artwork.

I hope you like the latest work and look forward, as always, to hearing back from any of you guys with your comments.

Check back here real soon for more information and artwork regarding the second volume of this exciting series of All-Ages graphic novels.

Until next time, have fun!

Tim Perkins…
July 10th 2013

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Worlds End Colouring & Storybook


Hi Folks,

Well, for all those folks already possessing a copy of the Worlds End Colouring & Storybook, we are at the half-way-point in the year before the entries need to start being sent back in. I have already heard from some of you guys, but this is a reminder to the rest of you.

For those thinking of entering, you can do so by ordering a copy of the book from here:

Worlds End Colouring & Storybook

For those not already familiar with the competition here for your delectation are the FULL DETAILS:

Can I enter traditional colouring?
Yes - all you need to do is send off good quality A4 colour copies (Please DO NOT send off original artwork as Wizards Keep cannot accept any responsibility for any damage or loss to the artwork) to the address below:

Worlds End Colouring & Storybook Competition
Wizards Keep Publishing
11 Walton Crescent

Can I enter digital colouring?
Yes - all you need to do is send off 300dpi jpegs to:

How do I enter the competition?
All you need to do is purchase one of the Worlds End Colouring & Storybooks and choose which page or pages you wish to colour and then submit - it's that simple.

Where can I purchase one of the Worlds End Colouring & Storybooks?
You can purchase the books direct from Wizards Keep Publishing here:

Colouring Book – Shop – Ordering Page

What is the age limit?
There are No age limits on the entrants - anyone and everyone can enter.

Do I need to be a professional artist?
No - Of course you can be a professional, or you can be an enthusiastic amateur or a complete novice.

I live outside of the UK can I still enter the competition?
Yes - the competition is open to literally everyone on the planet and from other planets too if they want to enter.

I live outside of the UK can I still purchase one of the Worlds End Colouring & Storybooks?
Yes - you can by clicking the link here:

Colouring Book – Shop – Ordering Page

How many times can I enter the competition?
You can enter as many or as few times as you wish.

What is the winning prize?
The winner will work with Tim on a paid Worlds End Project as the colourist. This is a great opportunity to work and receive payment on a professional project with a professional comic artist/ graphic novelist. As well as this the winner will receive full credit on the project as the colourist and the winning entrant will be announced on all the Wizards Keep networks.

When do the entries have to be in by?
The last entries have to be with us at Wizards Keep Publishing by Wednesday January 1st 2014 - so you have a little over half a year to put forward your best work.

When will the winners be announced?
The winner will receive an email at 9:00 a.m. on Friday January 31st giving them the great news.

The winning entry will then be announced to the general public later on in the day at 3:00 p.m. on Friday January 31st 2014.

It really is that simple.

Good Luck to everyone that enters!


If you want the chance to win an opportunity to work on a REAL paid contract, as the colourist, on an upcoming Worlds End Project and you haven’t yet bought one of the books, get yourself a copy and start colouring.

Here is a list of some of the folks already hired for Wizards Keep – Worlds End Projects:

Worlds End Ashcan
Joe Rubinstein
John Ridgway
Frank Ziggarelli

Worlds End – Volume 1 – Riders on the Storm
Yel Zamor
Albert Deschesne – Richard Starkings Comicraft
James Hill
Rob Sharp
Paul Finch

Worlds End Figurines
Sean Green
Jeff Meckley
Choi Chow

So as you can see whoever wins the Worlds End Colouring & Storybook Competition is going to be following the footsteps of some great and very talented creative folks.

Until next time, have fun!

Tim Perkins…
July 9th 2013

Monday, July 08, 2013

MaltaComicCon 2013

Saturday November 30th – Sunday December 1st
Hi Folks,

Well, today I thought I would launch my Blog about the forthcoming fifth MaltaComicCon. Yes, it really is five years since I first started talking so enthusiastically about the convention that has taken place around the same time every year since 2009. It really is incredible how time flies. It has now become firmly entrenched in my yearly activities and is the one convention you can always rely on me to promote to the hilt both before and after the event.

Folks that are regular readers of this humble little Blog of mine will already have seen the massive missives I write over several Blogs, packed full of information and photos. For those that haven’t, please feel free to check out my Blog roll in the left hand side column of this Blog page where you can read all about my exploits during my trips out there. Or for ease click on the links below.

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Blog 01
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This year, again, the guys are making concessions to those comic fans wishing to go out to Malta. Last year one of my Fantasy Art Unlimited students took them up on the opportunity to get their fantastic MaltaComicCon rates for flights and accommodation. He loved it so much he is going out again this year too. Another designer friend of mine, who is also a fan of comic books, is also going along this year.

Please check out the official convention website for information on the Fantastic Offers for Fans Travelling to the Malta Comic Con 2013! I'll let you all know when there is anything new on the subject of travel and accomodation.

Or by emailing the organisers at:  

This year the guys released the dates of the convention much earlier to the public than they usually do, so it’s now been a couple of months since they did so.

Words cannot adequately describe what the convention means to the worlds of comic books, but it is certainly a much brighter place nowadays due to the enthusiasm of the Maltese, organisers, fans and general public who have become more and more receptive to the creative worlds of comicdom since the conventions inception back in 2009.

So with that in mind I’ll leave you with this thought…


See you all very soon… I can’t wait!

Until next time, have fun!

Tim Perkins…
July 8th 2013

Friday, July 05, 2013

Lakes International Comic Art Festival

October 18th – 19th

Hi Folks,

Well, here as promised, is my latest update Blog about the forthcoming inaugural comic art festival in October.

It looks like being an exciting, fun-filled and huge event with lots and lots to see and do for both children and adults alike. The guest list is large and the fun takes place over several nearby venues in the wonderful, picturesque town of Kendal situated in the northern part of Cumbria or most folks call it “The Lake District.” So it promises to be an absolutely super event.

The festival is modelled around the ones in Europe – remember my Blogs on the one in Malta, well, you get the picture. So pretty much the entire town of Kendal is going to be transformed into a world of comic universes for a weekend. The Lake District may never be the same again, as we see all the different comic universes, including the one in which Worlds End resides, coming together in a veritable plethora of creativeness.

The impressive guest list is massive and looks like this:

Charlie Adlard
Steve Bell
Hannah Berry
Doug Braithwaite
Gareth Brookes
Ed Brubaker
Kurt Busiek
Kate Charlesworth
Stephen Collins
Daniel Clifford
Darryl Cunningham
Rob Davis
Al Davison
Andy Diggle
Glyn Dillon
Pete Doherty
Graham Dury
Hannah Eaton
Hunt Emerson
Gary Erskine
Kate Evans
Carlos Ezquerra
Duncan Fegredo
Karrie Fransman
Paul Gravett
Katie Green
Isabel Greenberg
Robin Grenville-Evans (Evsie)
Steven Harris
Morris Heggie
David Hine
Owen Johnson
David Lloyd
Jenny O’Connor
Jon McNaught
Robbie Morrison
Jose Muñoz
Luke Pearson
Tim Perkins
Ivan Petrus
Sean Phillips
Gary Pleece
Warren Pleece
Andy Poyiadgi
Trina Robbins
Lee Robinson
Joe Sacco
Colin Shelbourn
Gilbert Shelton
Posy Simmonds
Mhairi Stewart
Nicola Streeten
Bryan Talbot
Mary Talbot
Ravi Thornton
Simon Thorp
John Wagner
Ian Williams
Dave Windett
Nye Wright
Oscar Zarate

There will also be publishers there, such as Redan and The Phoenix Comics folks too.

There are absolutely all sorts of different events going on throughout the weekend – something for everyone.

Here’s just a sampling of what you can expect:

In the Brewery Arts Centre – Sugar Store Gallery
Open from the 6th October – 10th November 2013, you will be able to see an exhibition; “The Art of Sean Phillips.”

And over in the Wildman Studios on Wildman Street
Open from the 4th October – 10th November 2013, you will be able to see an exhibition; “Brainstorm: The Art of Bryan Talbot”

In the Comics Clock Tower
Open on Saturday 10.30am-6pm and Sunday 11am-5pm, there will be a mix of retailers, publishers and most of the international guests will also be situated inside here. So here you will be able to purchase comics and meet some of the guests too.

In the Family Zone, Westmorland Shopping Centre, Stricklandgate, Kendal
Open on Saturday 19 October 10.30-16.00pm and Sunday 20 October 11.00-16.00pm, you will be able to check out various events with drop-in activity sessions and workshops, signings, sketching sessions, as well as competitions, face-painting and more. Appearing inside the mall will be folks such as Gary Erskine and Mhari Stewart, Dave Windett, Colin Shelbourne, Evsie and myself - Tim Perkins alongside publishers such as The Phoenix Comic and Art Heroes.

Please note that children under 8 years old; must be accompanied by a responsible person.

More information about all the activities, etc will be announced on the official festival website in September.

Some of the events are tickets only, so to make sure you have a place there, please check out this link: Lakes International Comic Art Festival TICKET SALES

In the meantime check out the official festival website where you will find lots more information about what looks to be an impressive event filled with lots of fun stuff!

I look forward to seeing as many of you as can make it to the festival. Please don’t be shy come along and say hi, check out the usual Wizards Keep products, along with some new ones, find out more nearer the time, which will see their launch there, as well as being able to see the pencils and some finished artwork for Worlds End – Volume 2 – A Hard Reign’s Gonna Fall.

I can’t wait.

Check back here soon for more updates on the Lakes International Comic Art Festival.

Until next time, have fun!

Tim Perkins…
July 5th 2013

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Margaret

31 years Today

Hi Everyone,

I would like to interupt the Blogging schedule momentarily to share with you the fact that today Margaret and I share our 31st Wedding Anniversary and yes, we did realise the significance of the date of the wedding for all our American friends - so without further ado....

Until next time, have fun!

Tim Perkins…
July 3rd 2013