Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Worlds End • Volumes 1 - 4

Some musings, as I near completion of the writing process.

I think someone must have been peeling onions nearby in the very early hours of this morning, as I wrote the final page’s dialogue or I was tired. I am so proud of this series and especially my ending and especially this very last page.

I still have to dialogue some of the pages between pages 53 and 69, but it is all broken down into the panels I want to use to tell the story now, so that should not take me too long to write.

As I was breaking the latter pages down I came to the final page, page 70 and the dialogue just came out of the blue to me, so I wrote that, as I have with lots of this series out of sequence. It truly does feel like someone else is telling me the story and I am merely writing it down, or, rather, typing it up.

Hopefully lovers of European albums will enjoy Worlds End as a collective series, once all four volumes of this story are in print.

As I look forward, there is a looooong road now for me to draw, paint and design all the pages for books 3 and 4 and it is quite daunting, to be truthful, but I am over half way, so there is that, as well as the wonderful support I get from my family and close friends and also from you, my most wonderful Worlds End fans, my Wizardlings, without whom, none of this would be possible.

Whilst working on Worlds End Volume 2, I kept wanting to work on Volume 3, as I knew what I was going to be putting in it and I thought it would be the best yet and it truly will be. Yet with all that in mind, I honestly cannot wait now to work on Volume 4, as I now know exactly what is going on there too and I promise you all – You ain’t seen nothing yet – and no mistake! To quote a certain Mathemagician.

I hope you guys continue to stick around for the ride, because, I really do believe as I told you, whilst working on Book 2 that the best was yet to come…
…and it is, honest.

Best Wishes,