Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Worlds End Colouring Book Drawing Competition...


Hi Guys,

Well the extended deadline to the “Worlds End” Colouring Book Drawing Competition is now past and I can announce the winners of the three categories. Things are rather hectic here at the moment, so finding time to sit and look through all the entries and choose the three winners has proven to be a massive task. At last, however I have managed to do so and think the winners have each done a bang up job.

The winners will see their work in print here at the Keep.

This New Competition was open to three groups:

  • Professional
  • Semi Professional
  • Amateur

The Project, a brand new Worlds End Colouring Book, will be launching later this year to coincide with the launch of the Worlds End Graphic Novel – Volume One – Riders on the Storm published by Wizards Keep.

Three pages have been left open for the three winners to fill the spaces.

The Competition required you guys to draw a black and white line drawing of one, or more, of the Worlds End Characters, examples of which could be found here at the

Worlds End Gallery

Well without further ado here are the winners names, followed by each of the winning entries:

Winner - Professional Section: Dave Windett

Winner - Semi-Professional Section: Paul Eldrige

Winner - Amateur Section: Lauren Hanratty

I would also like to thank everyone else who entered and who also made it difficult to choose the winners. We were due to announce the winners on Saturday April 18th, but work schedules and a large number of late entries meant that I was unable to give the entries sufficient time to be properly looked at in the time frame, hence the slight delay.

That said, I am glad I chose not to just skim the entries and gave each one equal time and opportunity to persuade my judgement.

The response was great and the draughtsmanship shown was equal to this.

Thanks again to all that entered and we will run another competition very, very soon.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins...
April 28th 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Meet Holly "Leaf"...

Bentley Bogtrotter’s New Girlfriend…

Hi Guys,

As you all by now know, I like to keep you all up to date with my little mate’s exploits both here at the Keep and as he goes on his travels with me.

Well Bentley Bogtrotter was in need of a girlfriend and she arrived the other day after we picked her up from her original home in Derbyshire.

It was love at first sight and Bentley was over the moon when she entered the house for the first time. It was all a bit much for Holly, although she seemed as keen as Bentley.

Well a few days on and she is quite often seen with Bentley in tow or else Bentley is seen with Holly in tow, so all in all everyone is happy.

Below are some of the first photographs of Holly and of the new lovebirds together:

Well as I am sure you will agree they are the perfect little couple and love each other to bits. Bentley, despite being almost a year younger, is quite a bit bigger than Holly and as the photographs show is now in need of another haircut.

In time maybe there will be the patter of tiny little feet as Bentley “Bogtrotter” and Holly “Leaf” have puppies of their own…who knows what the future holds for them both…you can rest assured I’ll keep you posted.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
April 27th 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hot Wheels Issue #57…

A look at the latest cars…

Hi Guys,

Here is another of my monthly sneak peaks at the cars you’ll see in issue #57 of the Hot Wheels comic, out next month, to whet your appetite. This time around though, however, instead of just showing the cars themselves I am showing them in situ within a panel setting.

The two cars are respectively:

Straight Pipes – From the story: “Dummy Run!”
Nerve Hammer – From the story: “Nerve-less Breakdown!”
Both cars are seeing a reprise of their roles in the comics, each having appeared in earlier issues, in different stories.

The same gang produces both stories as always:

Written by –Ian "Impatient" Rimmer
Pencilled, Inked and Computer Coloured by –Tim "Testy" P
Edited by –James "Jawing" Hill
With Production Design by –Rob “Ragging" Sharp

This comic from Publisher, Toontastic is on sale next month.

I am looking forward, as always, to hearing what you think of this latest artwork.

Until next time have fun!
Tim Perkins…
April 14th 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Worlds End Graphic Novel Update...

First stage complete…

Hi Guys,

I have just completed the layouts of the full graphic novel. The page count stands at fifty-one, including the new introduction page, which for those of you who have spoken to me before now will realise is two pages more than I have usually quoted when asked about the first book’s length.

I am back, darkening the pages and adding the detail, as I go along from page twenty-seven onwards. Once this stage is also complete, then I will be scanning all the pages not already awaiting work on them within the computers here and then it’s digital painting until the pages are finished.

Once that last stage is done for the artwork, it’s just a matter of piecing the lettering and artwork together with all the design elements and then it’s off to print we go.

Anyhow, for now, here is another panel from one of the pages.

Now I would like to just remind everyone that the deadline to the “Worlds End” Colouring Book Drawing Competition is nearing.

The deadline for getting finished entries in by is: Tuesday April 14th with the winners being announced on Saturday April 18th.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Easter break.

Next up for me, it’s over to the next issue of Hot Wheels and then I have some more educational commissions to do and then it’s back to work on finishing the pencils on Worlds End.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
April 12th 2009

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Worlds End Graphic Novel Update...

Three pages + a single drawing to go with the layouts…

Hi Guys,

I have just completed the double page spread showing our heroes arriving at Worlds End, which means there are only three more pages plus a new introduction page, which will be a quick page to draw, to complete as layouts before I am able to go back to add the details.

Here is another panel from one of the pages, this time showing Gweldar, the Mathemagician, who looks more than a little troubled. The first is the original blue pencil drawing, the second is the same panel, adjusted, but ready for digitally painting in Photoshop.

Just to remind everyone that the deadline to the “Worlds End” Colouring Book Drawing Competition is nearing.

The deadline for getting finished entries in by is: Tuesday April 14th with the winners being announced on Saturday April 18th.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
April 4th 2009

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

UFOs over Bodmin Moors Part 2...

Okay, so it was April 1st...

Hi Guys,

I thought I had better come clean, as so many of you guys emailed me to ask about the “UFOs and some of you guessed correctly that yes it me having a bit of fun with you all on “All Fools Day” – April 1st.

The images were lifted from the Internet, with thanks and apologies to the folks that the images belonged to. I had planned on getting images from someone I know that lived in the area for a while, but this became a last minute affair and was a hotchpotch of snaffled images and Photoshop.

Respectively the two photo credits are as follows with many thanks:

Image 1:
Matthew Millen

Image 2: ScienceRay

I cannot believe just how many of you thought they were real, although some you guessed correctly as I say.

I hope you enjoyed the fun, as much as we did here at the Keep.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…

April 2nd 2009

UFOs over Bodmin Moors

Something sent through from a journalist friend of mine from the South Coast area...

Hi Guys,

I thought some of you folks may be interested in a couple of photos sent through to me a few moments ago and which better video footage is being aired on today's UK news programmes later this afternoon.

The images are quite small, but you can just make out small yellowish disc shaped objects.

The images were taken by two walkers earlier this morning and reports from the forces back up the claims that these are genuine sightings of UFOs.
I'll post more stuff as I get information.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
April 1st 2009