Saturday, February 06, 2016


A Celebration of his work

Hi Everyone,

On this day back in 1994 I received a phone call at the Defiant Comics offices on 37th Street that changed the American comics world forever. All that was said was simply, “Please can you let everyone know Jack Kirby has died!”

I have tried every year since to celebrate his magnificent output of work on this day and his birthday in August and this year is no exception to the rule.

So, folks, sit back and enjoy the journey through just a little of Jack’s work – the type of journey that influenced my decision to become a creator of comics as well.

Just before you go you may like to check out a fantastic NEW magazine created by Glenn Fleming, a man lucky enough to have met Jack. I have a couple of pieces in there. They are fantastic, well put together magazines.

There will be a physical print copy coming soon too – I have already ordered my extra copies to send out to folks as gifts.

Go on have a read – you know you want to…
Sequential Media Publishing

Until next time, have fun!


February 6th 2016