Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Return of the Wanderer...

Or, Bogtrotters, Blogs and Business, as usual...

Hi Guys,

Well, here we are with almost a quarter of the year gone already and nary a Blog in sight from me in recent months, since January. Now for some of you that may be a Godsend, but some of you I know have missed my musings.

With the production of the Worlds End graphic novel in full swing there hasn’t been too much time for anything other than painting the pages and working on the design elements and in a few short days more of the illustrations too, including the cover. I'll post a Blog update on the current state of play with Worlds End soon.

It was with that in mind that I realised something else was amiss. A few weeks ago saw me celebrate my latest birthday with my family, which as those regulars amongst you and fans of his will know already, I share my birthday with my little furry mate, Bentley “Bogtrotter.” Now unfortunately with all the rushing around, and with barely enough time to take some time off to go along with my family for a fantastic meal (as always) to a nearby Italian restaurant, Mangiamos in Darwen, I neglected to Blog about our mutual birthdays.

It was this in mind, however, that a new series of “quick” Blogs, which shall henceforth become known as Blogetts here at the Keep, came to mind.

The first one entitled “BLOGtrotting with Bentley” will have Bentley introducing some exciting news. The ones to follow will also star Bentley in what I hope folks will enjoy as a bit of light-hearted fun before I begin a new series of more serious Blogs, whilst also seeing me start to actively promote the book again.

Thanks for waiting around, your patience and your support.

Until next time, have fun!

Tim Perkins…
April 26th 2011