Saturday, May 10, 2014

My Mum, Grace

27th March 2014

Hi Folks,

Many of you are probably wondering why things have been so quiet of late on the websites, forums, social networks and here on the Blog. A few of you already know the reasons and to you I offer my heartfelt thanks for keeping this to yourselves, as requested.

The date above will stay forever etched on my heart, as it was the day my wonderful Mum, Grace, passed away. I still cannot believe the words even now as I write them down for all to see. Sadly Mum succumbed to Pneumonia, whilst trying to recover from her two major operations and at 80 years old this proved too much, even for her.

I am so proud of how she was in hospital, which being in for so long must have been both frightening and heartbreaking too, as she was never away from Dad, except for the short periods of time when they had visited hospital for operations in the past.

I am also so proud of my Dad, who despite being heartbroken has conducted himself like the true gentleman he is. My family too have also done my Mum proud, as they say, in the way they have also been throughout this sad time.

I think a lot of my determination and drive is due to that, which belonged to my Mum. She was a strong, proud and elegant lady, but most of all she was a loving Mother.

Thanks to those of you that knew about this and have made or sent long and incredibly supportive phone calls, emails, text messages and direct messages via social networks. These and all the support of Dad and family and friends have helped me to try to come to terms with all the recent events.

I still turn and reach for the phone on occasion to give Mum a quick call and when I realise I can’t I say a few words in my studio. I see Dad almost every day still and I guess at best we can say we are all coping.

Mum wouldn’t want me to dwell on the sadness though and I can hear her saying, “Come on, love you need to get your work done.”

If it hadn’t been for her I may never have completed my education or followed my Dreams, because like my Dad she always believed in me and even whilst in hospital she was aware I wasn’t producing much, if any work, because I was visiting daily.

I made Mum a promise the morning of her passing, as we left the hospital side ward where she lay. I promised I would get the second book out now as soon as possible. It’s been so hard of late – unfortunately I still haven’t managed to sit at the drawing board, except to literally sit there, listening to my music, along with my little dog, Bentley.

With positive thoughts and vibes now re-entering my life I plan on settling down to the task in hand and honouring my promise to my Mum.

Thanks to everyone for your patience, especially the guys at Area 51, the organisers of the SciFi Weekender. I will definitely take up your offer of a guest spot next year again, especially in light of the wonderfully human response you gave to me at first when I didn’t want to tempt fate and gave back word on the morning of 27th. Followed by the messages of condolence after you received the sad news later in the day.

It’s certainly at times like these that you see the true human spirit in action.

And so, like so many times in the past when I have written about the passing of creative people I have admired, I would like to end this little Blog by saying:

Farewell, Mum, I love you more than even you knew. I miss you, but feel your presence around me even now. You have always been one of my biggest heroes and my champion. The photos at the fantasy art exhibition in 2001 and my book launch in 2011 told me as much, if I hadn’t already known.

Godspeed and I’ll continue to look after my Dad, and Brother, Chris, as well as all the rest of the family.


Until next time, have fun!

Tim Perkins…
May 10th 2014