Friday, May 06, 2011


Yes it’s back for a third year...
Hi Guys,

I know I promised that the next Blog would be handed over to Bentley and indeed the next one will be his, but with his permission I have commandeered my Blog to announce something big here today.

I am ecstatic to tell you all that I have just recently been invited as a guest for the third year running to Malta’s Comic Convention.

This year the show will be on Saturday 26th November and Sunday 27th November 2011. The organisers are hoping to be able to introduce a pre-opening party on Friday 25th as well.

It looks as though for the first time the event will be able to use the whole of St. James Cavalier this year. This means more rooms and as a consequence more international artists and writers will be in attendance, 10 in total, which makes it even more of an honour to be asked along again.

The organizers have a limited number of free tables for foreign creators/comic related companies who wish to take part in the Comic Con. Arrangements will be made for cheap accommodation rates, as well as the cheaper charter flight prices too. So feel free to spread the word. Although by no means exclusive this initiative is mainly aimed at assisting the independent scene.

There will be the usual panels, discussions, workshops, sketching and signings and I will post more on those as they are finalised.

The line up of guests looks impressive for the third year running and the organisers will be announcing the guest list soon. In the meantime I thought a teaser would be in order.

For any further information please check out the official website: 

As any regular readers of this humble little Blog of mine will already know, I cannot say enough good things about the convention. For those of you still to hear what I have to say about the two previous year’s events in Malta feel free to check out my Blogs here:

For me have a book to try to finish before then and I cannot wait to see all my Maltese friends and fans once more.

Until next time, have fun!

Tim Perkins…
May 6th 2011