Sunday, April 08, 2007


Time for another Blog, Gang.

I must admit to being very busy this last week since my last Blog, but this wasn’t the reason for not writing one earlier then now. No the real reason was out of respect for the passing of Marshall Rogers, whose work I had found as a college student back in the late seventies. I wanted folks to be able to read my tribute to him, which was why I kept it up for a week.

Well as the header says I hope you are all having a great Easter break.

This last week has seen me pushing on with the “Worlds End” graphic novel. I am also having to make ready for the launch of our first Wizards Keep retail outlet, which is due to happen soon. So at the moment it’s all hands to the deck and I only have two…;))

I also celebrated my birthday last week on the 5th, which was fun. We went out for a family meal, my Wife, Margaret, daughter, Joanne and son, Simon – Great food and a great night out for us all.

With the workload being as it is presently there isn’t always the time spent as a family as I would like, but in the near future I can see things will revert back to normal – although what normal is, I’m not too sure…;))

I read the Modern Masters John Byrne book this last week – excellent read and I suggest anyone that loves comic books give it a go!!! I really enjoyed the book, and have to add that all the books produced by Tomorrows Publishing are equally as engaging and well produced!

There is some of John’s excellent work on display throughout and also some great insights into this legendary artist/writer.

Well, my Blogs may be a little lightweight at the moment, whilst I crash on with the “Worlds End” graphic novel, so please if you enjoy reading this Blog, accept my apologies as I have to concentrate on finishing off the pencils ASAP!

If not sooner…;))

Also welcome to the folks that may have come from MySpace to read my musings.

Okey Dokey, back to the drawing board for me, but I’ll be back here soon, with something to discuss.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
April 8th 2007

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