Thursday, November 29, 2007

It’s been quiet for you guys…

Back from a few weeks of illness and some very sad news…

Wow I can’t believe all this time has gone. These last few weeks have been horrendous. First off I became ill and then Margaret’s father was rushed into hospital and sadly died on the tenth of November. He was always a rock to the family and is already sadly missed by everyone, but if his handiwork down on this plane of existence is anything to go by then Heaven will be a-changing as many a wall is knocked through to accommodate new ideas on layout. Blackburn Rovers have lost a very loyal supporter as well. I feel so sorry for everyone and there are no words at such times that can ease any pain felt.

For the last month or so I have been on the receiving end of a really bad chest and throat infection, during which time I spent being unable to talk (a godsend to some folks) and in excruciating pain following weeks of incessant coughing and several visits to the doctors, something I rarely do. I came back from the hospital yesterday after a series of chest X-rays to check that everything’s okay in there. I have been told to take it easy for a week or two at least…if only.

I have tried to continue with work, but eventually, these last two weeks or so, something had to give and I have been unable to produce any work at all, which has now sent all my scheduling into the proverbial cocked hat.

Anyhow the latest Hot Wheels went off to the Publisher. I have to add here my heartfelt thanks to James Hill and the guys down at Toontastic for rearranging the deadline to accommodate my illness. I couldn’t have done so without this happening.

Well now you folks realise why the Blogs have been a rarity this month, but I could not have posted before now, and hope you’ll like the next stuff I have chosen to write about. Coming up are a couple of pieces on stories from Jack Kirby, which I actually wrote a while ago, but, which I feel are two of his best ever comics work and a follow-up Blog about the digital art job request from a few weeks ago too. We will soon be into December and onto Christmas with lots of things to mull over, so to speak…(pun intended).

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins...
November 29th 2007

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