Monday, May 19, 2008

Worlds End - Ashcan Art.

The first showing of what you’ll find in the Ashcan and what to expect in the graphic novel in 2009… Hi Guys,

I thought I would share a couple of pieces of artwork from Worlds End in full glorious colour with you all.

This is the first time I have shown any of the inner pages in colour, but felt it would give me a chance to show everyone what to expect from the finished artwork inside the Worlds End Ashcan.

First up is the Ashcan cover pencilled and coloured in Photoshop by yours truly and inked by legendary American inker Joe Rubinstein.

Next up is the first page of the story, sans lettering, which introduces the first of our characters, Gweldar the Elder and his familiar, Geek. I digitally paint the inner pages over my pencils, using Photoshop. It also gives a foresight into the look for the graphic novel, which will see publication in 2009.

I look forward, as always, to your views on the artwork.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
May 19th 2008


Simon said...

Hi Tim, fantastic meeting you and Paul in person at the Expo, I'm so glad you liked the sketch of Ralf. Just wanted to let you know that the ashcan looks fantastic (apart from the amazing artwork, the story's very original and looks like it'll have great all-ages appeal, even reading a few pages leaves you with a genuine warmth for the key characters. (Although, I do keep hearing your voice when I read Gweldar! Guess you're putting a little bit too much of yourself into these characters, Lol!) Looking forward to reading the finished Graphic Novel, good luck with the 'Keep'.

Best wishes,


Tim Perkins said...

Wow, thanks for the very kind words, Simon.

I'm glad you like the Ashcan. I am due to start the graphic novel pencils again in a week or two.

Just wait until you see what's to come...

The reaction has been brilliant to the Ashcan and reading emails and comments like this from folks all over the world is fantastic.

Thanks again for the sketch.

Here's to the launch in 2009.

Best Wishes,