Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Plugging time…

A look at some goodies on the way…

Well just a quick plug this time around, the larger Blogs will have to wait a while as I work insane hours to keep things moving forward, so what’s new there I hear you ask? I said to both editors that I would plug these two magazines and thought tonight was as good a time as ever to do so.

I have some great new longer Blogs I want to share with you guys at a later date, but I just can’t around to being straight enough to write them up. Although due to popular demand I may be sharing some photos of my new dog, Bentley with you very soon. There I know that has made some folks smile.

Anyhow for now here are a couple of things you can look out for, both of which have something of mine within the pages.

First up is Bulletproof Issue #2. To quote editor Matt Yeo, “It's another 80-page beast of an issue, with a fantastically diverse range of stories from many super-talented creators. Best of all, this issue has a whopping 33-pages in full colour!” My part is providing the colours over the pencils and inks of comics veteran, Jon Haward, who I recently added to the Wizards Keep website as the new Guest Artist, with the spot vacated by John Ridgway, as he entered the newly created Hall of Fame. The picture is a pin-up of Simba Khan for an up-coming story for Bulletproof, which will be written by Paul Birch and drawn by Jon.

Second up is Jack Kirby Quarterly Issue #15, which Dez Skinn thinks is, “The best damn Kirby mag ever” and believe me when I say, Dez knows his stuff. There is some great content and I have been lucky enough to see a few sneak peaks of some of the work inside it and the whole magazine looks to be an incredible read. JKQ, as it is better known by Kirby fans, is the brainchild of Chrissie Harper who has edited and designed this latest issue and made a truly excellent job of doing so.

If sales are as good as expected the book will look to a slight name change next time around, as it becomes Jack Kirby Annual with an on-going yearly schedule from then on. The magazine was the first such to feature the work of Jack Kirby and is different from John Morrow’s Jack Kirby Collector, with less emphasis on artwork (although there are still lots of beautiful examples of Kirby artwork in it) and goes for a more in-depth analysis of his work, both written and drawn. As I Blogged about a few Blogs back, my piece looks at Toxl - The World Killer.

Well I cannot wait to receive my copies of both magazines.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins
August 26th 2008

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