Saturday, September 06, 2008

Bentley Bogtrotter…

A look at my new dog…

I thought this time around I would introduce you to my new dog Bentley. I have nick named the little fellow Bogtrotter, as he seems to love meandering around in Margaret’s tubs and pots outside in the back garden, despite this summer’s downpours.

Below are some of the photos I took on his first day with me:

Bentley's 1st Photo

Bentley's Basket in the Studio

Ooh, a basket for me and toys and bones too...

Bentley, Close-up

Bentley, asleep in his basket on his 1st night in the Studio

Yes, but I like this chair at the web-computer...

By Day 2 Bentley was shattered...

Now I know you have sorted me a basket, but I like this Leather Studio Chair

Guarding the Beast of the Studio...

He certainly puts the terror in to Yorkshire terrier. He has taken over the house as pack leader, after me of course and he has been my constant shadow ever since he arrived on Saturday July 9th. He sits on my knee whilst I work at the computer. The only trouble being he likes to press the keys and has changed colours and settings before now. He also likes to sit on my knee whilst I am working at the board, which is also fun…

He has settled in well now and is at home with our two cats Casper and Charlie and our other two dogs Bryndal and Colin, both Staffordshire Bull terriers and both big softies, as I say Bentley is the one that sorts the pack, except for meal times, when Bryndal uses her authority as the eldest of the bunch.

Bentley isn’t the latest addition to our family, however as my son Simon has since bought another two baby Staff’s. The first is called Tilly and the newest addition is called Morgan. As you can probably guess all this wet weather over the summer, here in the UK, has made my family decide to get lots of animals, so I guess I’ll be starting to build my ark soon, and if any of you guys have any old plans for building large wooden arks knocking about, please email me a copy.

As Bentley is my dog (he was a present from Margaret for our Anniversary this year) he tends to spend the most time with me. As you can see in the photos, from the very first day, he made his home in my studio, claiming all the chairs and deciding he was going to guard the computers, although during the second week he decided he would see what graphic novels and magazines tasted like. I caught him just as he was trying so he didn’t cause them much damage, thankfully.

He is becoming a widely travelled little fellow as well, having been to the vets now three times, been on several walks since his second vaccination was given, a trip to Toontastic with me to deliver an issue of the Hot Wheels comic on CD (this was really just an excuse to have him meet James) and most recently he has been to visit my lithographic printers and Margaret’s workplace.

He has been travelling thus far in a little cat basket, well it is quite big really, but I am going to get him a little car seat thingamajig so he can come along with me more easily.

Most folks think I have gone a little strange recently as a result of his travels and his spending most of his time in the studio with me, which just goes to prove how long I have fooled folks.

Anyhow I hope you like the little fellow and please feel free to drop him a line anytime via the website at:

Look out for Bentley and his new family in my next Blog, where you will see all the other guys that live with us too.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
September 6th 2008

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