Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Thanks to all the Well-Wishers...

I am back at work once more…

Hi Guys

I would just like to thank everyone that took time out of their busy schedules to send their get well wishes to me this past week. I have to admit to having felt like I had been hit by a runaway train.

I was rushed to the hospital over the weekend of 30th & 31st of May and the Doctors ran some tests adding I wasn’t to do anything for a week. In actual fact I was totally unable to do anything, I was so weak and suffering from total exhaustion.

I couldn’t work for over a week and even now things are a little slower than usual, due to my still trying to recover fully. If I have still to answer your email, please be patient, I will answer ASAP.

The illness has set my current deadlines on “Worlds End” behind again, after it was gaining in momentum, but other deadlines are looking in better shape at the moment.

I should be back on with my graphic novel in a couple of weeks and for all those that sent messages, here is some new artwork from “Worlds End” taken from selected panels:

I hope you have enjoyed viewing the panels here and I look forward to any comments from you guys.

Your emails helped to keep me going through this last week and I appreciated every word sent through to me, so many thanks to all involved once again.

My next Blog will be Part 8 of the Dark Dominion series.

But for now, for me, it’s back to work.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
June 9th 2009


inkdestroyedmybrush said...

sorry to hear that you've not been well Tim. Get better!

best -


Tim Perkins said...

Hi Charles,

Apart from the headaches, I am slowly feeling better, thanks.


Nazish Rahman said...

hey take care of your health mate...nice work btw!!!

Tim Perkins said...

Hi Nazish,

Thanks for dropping by.

I am slowly feeling a little better, but it really has kicked the stuffing out of me.

Glad you like the new panels.

I'll post a new colour piece soon.


Magnus said...

What Nazish said,


Tim Perkins said...

Hi Magnus,

Thanks a lot for dropping by and the kind thoughts.

It means a lot.


Lew Stringer said...

Hi Tim,
Only just read this, sorry. Hope you're on the mend now mate.


Tim Perkins said...

Hi Lew,

Great to hear from you.

Yeah, still not 100% yet, but getting there slowly.