Friday, July 29, 2011

BLOGTROTTING with Bentley...

Emerson Lake & Palmer Bentley – the untold story Part 05

Hi Everyone,

Well here we are for the fifth and last for now in my series of fun Photo-Blogs, as promised the other week.

This latest one has me appearing on the Mussorgsky inspired album cover art... "Pictures at an Exhibition!" Please click on the picture below to see the larger version.

I hope you have enjoyed them, as much as I have creating them.

Thanks to everyone that has commented and sent me emails and joined me on Twitter, since I have started this little Bogtrotting Project.

Please don't forget you can check out the "real" Prog Rock band members via their website here at Emerson Lake & Palmer

Next up will be my Dad again.

Until next time, have fun - I'm off to eat a new bone!

Bentley “Bogtrotter”…
July 29th 2011

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