Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Website and Promotion

Club Vamporama and a great offer to boot

Hi Everyone,

Today I have decided to plug the work of Liz Black and also writer, designer, cartoonist, Chrissie Harper.

First off is Liz Black's new Project - Vamporama Productions, an independent film company, seeking start-up support for a production Website and the filming of two five-minute promotional videos.

Liz and her gang have put a lot of time and effort into this project already and the start-up Flexible Funding campaign over on the Indiegogo Inc. Crowdfunding website needs as much support, both financially and via word of mouth  on all the Internet networking sites as possible. So if you can please lend a very hard working set of folks your support.

Second up is Chrissie Harper's Website building offer, which she has recently spoken to me of. For a short time only she is going to make herself available to create some lucky folks (at least those who take up the offer anyhow) a great looking website.
Examples of some of the websites she has created for such notables as Des Skinn and Bryan Talbot’s wife, Mary can be found here on Chez Chrissie, Chrissie’s own Portfolio Website.

Now, folks are always asking me about websites and so here is an opportunity for a short time only to take up this incredible offer.

The Offer (available for a short time only) looks like this:
  • Sites can be run on Wordpress completely if the client wants, or just as a client-updated blog.
  • A basic website (five pages or so) for £100 - remember this is for a limited time ONLY!
  • No domain and hosting are available as yet, but this can be arranged for an extra £30.
  • The cost for more complex sites is £150.
  • For a VERY complex site the cost of creating one is as always negotiable.

Please do check out both Liz's Vamporama Project and Chrissie’s Portfolio of Website Designs – You’ll be glad I mentioned them to you when you do.

Until next time, have fun!

Tim Perkins…
September 25th 2012

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