Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Worlds End Volume 2

Pre-Sale Page now OPEN in the SHOP

Hi Everyone,

I am proud to announce at long last that Wizards Keep have just launched the  PRE-SALES Page for Worlds End - Volume 2 - A Hard Reign's Gonna Fall.

We are all really excited about this and for all those of you anxiously awaiting this second Graphic Novel we are offering a couple of very cool incentives.

ORDER IN ADVANCE NOW and receive a Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Print – PRINT 1.

The FIRST 100 ordered before the final date before Publication will also receive an Original Remarked Print – PRINT 2. 

This is as well as receiving the Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Print.

(Remarked Prints will have a unique original sketch to complete the illustration).

So the first 100 folks to purchase a Pre-Sale book before the Publication Date is announced will get two beautiful, unique Worlds End prints and everyone else after the 100 copies have been purchased will get Print 1.

Once the Publication Date has been announced then Worlds End Volume 2 – A Hard Reign’s Gonna Fall will be sold without the prints.

The Publication Date has yet to be announced.

Although we will say it is definitely COMING SOON!
This is the second in the series of my "Science Fusion" graphic novels and I cannot thank the team around me enough for all their hard work and my family and friends for their patience in the production of this labour of love.

As with the first volume, The Riders in the Storm is a fully painted, All-Ages book and is set on a medieval world called Gaeryth, where a Mathemagician, called Gweldar, his familiar, Geek, a young boy, Ralf and a mysterious girl called Zephol continue to be all that stand before an invading alien horde intent on aqua-forming the otherwise tranquil planet in the far reaches of space.

The question is are they enough to stop the myriad forces, known as the Aoevill from the depths of outer space and solve the mystery of Worlds End…?

And to quote the book, "Will a little Magik be enough?"

The book is again European Format - Case Bound Cover - Fully illustrated - 88 full colour pages + Cover and illustrated Endpapers

I am so thrilled to announce that these two stellar comic creators are doing me the great honour this time around.

The Foreword is by David Lloyd V – for Vendetta, Kickback, etc.

The Introduction is by Bruce Zick – Disney, Pirates of Dark Water, etc.

With an Afterword again by me.

ISBN: 978-0-9570310-1-2

TO ORDER YOUR COPY Simply Click the Link Below:


Check Back Soon for more information on the Progress of the Second Volume and its Publication Date.

Until next time, have fun!

April 12th 2017

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