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FANTASY ART UNLIMITED - Places available

FANTASY ART UNLIMITED – Classes held at the Batcave comic shop.

If you live in the Lancashire area this may be of interest to you; the Fantasy Art Unlimited art course has currently got a small number of places available to students wishing to take part on the course run by comic creator and director of Wizards Keep, Tim Perkins, Marvel, DC, Defiant, 2000AD, Tekno, etc. 

If the lockdown restrictions continue to slacken the highly successful 30 x weeks long Fantasy Art Unlimited, we will be looking to return to our base of operations down at The Batcave Comic Shop in Blackburn town centre across from the Central Library and next door to Muffins coffee shop and restaurant on Wednesday October 8th.

We are working closely with Nas the owner of The Batcave, and he is working closely with Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council and the current guidelines to ascertain if this is possible or not.

If all goes well, we will return to our terrestrial classes on October 8th. 

A FREE Taster Session is arranged upon request with ALL potential students wishing to see how it works and what goes on during the sessions.

To apply for a Taster Session simply send an email to or private message me Facebook or Twitter.

The course is presently £114.00 for 30 x weeks at 3 hours per week or in other words 90 hours – All full of fun and frolics learning how to draw and paint.

Some details about the course content:

The course will cover lots of things from the basics of sketching loosely and confidently, through to inking and painting.

Topics covered include:

Comic books

Graphic Novels

Game Design

Book Jackets

Children's Books



Character Designs

Background designs

Logo Designs

Film/Animation/Theme Park Conceptualisation

Storytelling techniques

Sculpting - For students that wish to take part

Creative Writing for comics, graphic novels, and children's books - For students that wish to take part

And lots more besides...

Techniques taught using different Mediums:




NEW - Digital Painting - Students must provide their own laptop, tablet and stylus and have Corel Painter loaded onto it

The course is geared up to suit each individual student.

One student may wish to do comic book styled work whilst someone else wishes to work with storyboarding, and so on.

All students learn the same techniques but each employs these techniques with their own subject matter.

Tim's experience in the art fields and in education enables his students to draw from a wealth of information, whether it is used for purely leisure or potentially commercial purposes.

During the course other professional illustrators and designers are invited along to act as guest speakers. The students are then able to watch as each creator works on an original piece of artwork, thus enabling them to see how different people all work in individual ways to achieve similar goals.

The course is not just about learning to draw and paint, etc., it is also a valuable resource for learning how the industries work and what it entails when looking for a career in the arts fields.

The students each receive an induction pack consisting of resource lists of recommended artists, reference books, how-to books and websites where they can purchase the books from, etc.

The students have a private FAU Facebook Forum through which up-to-date information from the tutor, weekly homework, information sheets, pictures, photos, files and much more are shared - with each student having the facility to upload their own images to their individual folders.

There is also an official Facebook page, which supplements the Forum and is now the official face of the art group.

There are ongoing demonstrations, by Tim, throughout the course.

E.G. how to "Loosen up" and "scribble" to sketch quickly and accurately.

Students are introduced to blueline pencilling techniques.

There are also occasional Guest Speakers invited along from the worlds of Comics, Books, Film and TV.

The emphasis on the course is having lots of FUN!!!

If you live in or around the area and you would like to learn to draw like the Marvel and Disney artists feel free to pop along to the Bat-tic on the top floor of the Batcave Comic Shop in Blackburn Town Centre (near to Blackburn College) and ask for details to see what's going on.

Many students travel to the course from out of town as well, so please feel free to come along too!

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FANTASY ART UNLIMITED – The Virtual Classes LIVE via our FAU Virtual Facebook Page and Messenger. 

However, if there is a change to the current guidelines and further restrictions are imposed and we cannot return to the physical classes, we will continue to run the course virtually

The 30 x weeks long Fantasy Art Unlimited, is currently being run virtually here via Facebook.

The course is now about to enter its 17th year.

We have been doing so during this current semester since the lockdowns were first introduced.

The sessions or UNITs run every Wednesday from 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Inside of each Unit are Assignments and there is a video for each of these prior to starting them, if you are watching LIVE or these can be called up, if you are viewing at another time along with that Units Assignments and sample art etc.

So, for the foreseeable future until we can get back down to the Batcave, we will be live from Wizards Keep each week.

That means that no matter where you are in the planet the course will be available to you.

I may even give you all a behind the scenes look-see one week, how's that, Folks.

So, each Wednesday make sure you have your pencils and paper to hand, ready to partake in the group sessions.

What will happen is that I will start the class with a brief video intro (which will be live) this will then be followed by a series of timed Assignments, an, after each assignment is completed, you will then photograph your artwork and upload it onto here via your phones. Each Assignment has a video prior and each video is LIVE and announced prior to going live, via the FAU Virtual Messenger Board, where you can all ask questions and see updates on too.

Please do not bother if a particular assignment is not finished in time simply photograph what you have managed to do and upload this. They can always be finished after the fact and uploaded again once they are completed.

I will then make a brief comment on each uploaded artwork from each student both via the next video, where I introduce the next Assignment and also onto the comments section for each uploaded artwork.

After each video, the next assignment will take place.

The final video of each Unit is a summing up of that week’s work and a heads up about the next Unit.

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A FREE Taster Session is arranged upon request with ALL potential students wishing to see how it works and what goes on during the sessions. This applies to both the terrestrial and virtual versions of the course.

You just need to be friends with me here on Facebook, so I can give you access to the FAU Virtual Sessions Pages and the FAU Virtual Messenger too for the FREE Taster Session. I will run through things with you prior to starting the Session.

All you need is a mobile phone and a Computer, Laptop or Tablet to take part in the Virtual Sessions.

Then all you need to do is message me here on Facebook to sign up for the FREE Taster and if you enjoy yourself enough on the evening in question we can then sign you up fully to the course.

I will send you an information document here fully explaining the setup, once you get in touch with me to show your interest in the course.

The course is presently £114.00 for 30 x weeks at 3 hours per week or in other words 90 hours – All full of fun and frolics learning how to draw and paint. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

You can check out our Official Page here – This is not the Virtual page, but there you can see what other students think of the course:

Be Safe and Well.
Best Wishes,


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