Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bristol Comics Expo

Latest News of what I have lined up for this coming weekend!

Hi Everyone,

As you no doubt know I am attending the Bristol Comics Expo this coming weekend on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th, along with my wife, Margaret.

This is the first time I attended a major convention since the late nineties so it’s a really exciting event for me. Please come along and feel free to have a chat with us. Margaret – who has given up her last game of the season (and it’s a home game too) for Blackburn Rovers - so she can be at the convention with me.
Tim’s Bristol Comics Expo Itinerary:

My schedule whilst there at the moment – and this always manages to get somewhat changed as folks ask you to get involved at the last minute due to folks being late or unable to attend at that moment to sit on panels and the like – is something like this:

Saturday 12th May:

Sketching for Andrew Wildman’s Draw The World Together charity.

Please come along – there will be artists in attendance all weekend – please lend us your support. Andrew works very hard indeed for this charity and kids all over the world benefit from your support!!!

Sunday 13th May:

I have a table where I will be selling my Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Sketch Books, Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Giclee Prints, my “Worlds End” Poster, Bookmarks, and Original Comic Artwork from my Marvel, 2000AD, and Newsstand days. There will also be a chance for you to get an original sketch off me.

The Sketch Books all have a different blue pencil sketch in the back inside cover. No two are ever the same, making each one truly unique.

WORLDS END Graphic Novel Update…

The “Worlds End” graphic novel is now passed the half way mark at the pencils stage so anyone attending can come along and have a look at the pencilled pages and chat about the concept, my company and anything else you wish to. Please don’t be shy…

I have had more emails and enquiries from folks in regard the news I shared with you in my last but one Blog, regarding the new upcoming project, which I have said will have you all on the edge of your seats when you see who’s involved!!!

Well more than that I can’t say at the moment…but I may spill the beans at Bristol…Just ask me to see if I’m willing to talk!

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
May 9th 2007

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