Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Worlds End - Graphic Novel - Update.

Half way through the first graphic novel! Hi Everyone,

Well the “Worlds End” graphic novel is at the half way mark at the pencils stage so I am really starting to cook with the book at long last, having now made it the number one priority at Wizards Keep for me personally.

As the Bristol Comic Expo gets ever nearer I am pressing on with the pencils and I’m aiming at a number of other pages being complete – in an ideal world. Either that or the completed turnarounds for the forthcoming figurines range.

I have had several emails and enquiries from folks in regard the news I shared with you in my last Blog, regarding the new upcoming project, which I have said will have you all on the edge of your seats when you see who’s involved!!!

I’m sorry but to all you folks that have already received answers to this effect and those still wondering, more than that I can’t say at the moment…

I just ask you to please be a little patient.

My Blogs still continue to be a little lightweight at the moment, whilst I crash on with the “Worlds End” graphic novel, so please if you enjoy reading this Blog accept my apologies as I have to concentrate on finishing off the pencils ASAP!

To whet your appetites – for those that haven’t yet seen the “Worlds End” large format poster, or the large format Giclee version, available from the Wizards Keep website, here it is, at the top of this Blog, in all its glory, and for those that already own one, here it is again…

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…

May 2nd 2007

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