Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Birmingham International Comics Show 2007.

Saturday 13th October – Sunday 14th October.

Hi Guys, just a quick reminder that I will be attending this year's Birmingham International Comics Convention on Saturday the 13th October.

The convention takes place over the weekend, but due to my manic deadline commitments at the moment for Hot Wheels, my Markosia Project, my “Worlds End” graphic novel, and running Wizards Keep, I can only attend on the Saturday.

I am going along on the Friday night to the Markosia sponsored Launch party, so anyone going along there will have an opportunity to speak to me then as well.

I am going to be taking along some of my latest Hot Wheels pages, my "Worlds End" graphic novel pages and some other stuff too.

I am really looking forward to meeting everyone again.

So remember please don’t be shy, come over and have a chat!!!

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…

September 25th 2007


Lee said...

Hi Tim, See you at the show!

Tim Perkins said...

Hi Lee,

Great to hear from you.

Yeah I'll see you there.

Looking forward to it.

I have some great news to tell you.


Lewis said...

Same- I'll see you on the Saturday... I'm only going that day as well. Dave Gibbons had better not pull a "Sunday only" again... xD

Tim Perkins said...

Hi Lewis,

Yeah I'll see you on the Saturday.

Seeya soon.


Lee said...

Hi Tim, great news, now that sounds interesting... anything to do with a certain band? see you then, Best Lee...