Friday, October 19, 2007


Comic Artist Dave Taylor and his good lady Pauline have a daughter…

I thought this news that has just got to me well and truly deserved a new Blog. When I saw Dave and Pauline last we were at the Bristol Comics Convention, earlier this year and they were expecting their first child together. Well now they have just had a baby girl. I haven’t heard yet what they are calling her, but over on Dave’s Blog you can find a beautiful picture and a few words from the proud Dad, himself.

Whilst we are speaking of Dave, check out his Blog, there are some wonderful pieces of artwork on it. I first met Dave in the mid nineties at a UKCAC Comics Convention, just before I went out to the states to work for Jim Shooter’s Defiant Comics and then later at the New York Comic Convention. Dave picked up work from Jim at the convention and we worked together on a War Dancer comic. Unfortunately the book never saw print, as the company became a victim to the mid-nineties American comics implosion of ’94.

The work has never been seen outside of the folks at Defiant and I don’t think Dave saw the finished pages after I had painted them, so they could well become the subject of a Blog soon.

Congratulations go out once again to Dave, Pauline and the new addition to the family from all here at the Keep!!!

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
October 19th 2007

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