Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lancaster Comics Convention 2007…

Bad News, but some good news too…

I have just received notification that this year’s Lancaster Comics Convention has been cancelled for a number of reasons.

I can only apologise to those of you who have been speaking to me about coming along to see us. I will still be attending this coming weekend’s Birmingham Comics Show and now seems an apt time to say that Wizards Keep will be attending Bristol Comics Expo 2008.

We will be displaying all our products at the show in one of the large booths. We are hoping to launch the figurines range there and have the graphic novel, if not quite finished almost ready and partly coloured and lettered by then.

It may seem a long ways off, but I have booked the booth way ahead of time with Mike Allwood, because May 2008 will soon be here…believe me.

Incidentally - Lancaster Comics `07 isn't quite dead…for the end of the half term week (Saturday 27th October) Anthony Mercer is running an event day, with a possible “Halloweeny” title "The Ghost of Lancaster Comics!” for some of the local kids.

Anthony is going to be running a monster design workshop, and there's a mini comic workshop, maybe a few traders coming along as well - but essentially, it’s a free event for visitors and anyone who wants to come along.

Wizards Keep have been invited to go along to the event and set a stand up. As it’s a little close to the Birmingham International Comics Show this weekend I am unsure whether we can attend, due to deadline constraints at the moment, but a decision will be made shortly, over the next week or so to see if time will allow us to attend. If we do manage to schedule this event into the diary then please everyone expecting to come along to Lancaster to see us do, by all means, come along if you fancy it.

If not, then maybe I can catch up with you guys this weekend or at Bristol next year.

For all the enquiries about attending events further afield around the world, no decisions have been made as yet, mostly due to production schedules and deadline commitments this next six to twelve months or so. Rest assured, however that as soon as the figurines are ready for sale and the “Worlds End” graphic novel goes to print then we will be attending more of the world conventions, shows, festivals and fairs.

Regarding the figurines, which I have talked about for a while, I attended a meeting a few weeks ago and spoke to the sculptors and manufacturer and I will be supplying turnaround artwork very soon for us to go into production sometime in the first half of 2008. This is great news and along with the release of the graphic novel, means Wizards Keep is now entering a new and very exciting phase of production.

One thing that will happen when we start production of the sculpting is we will have a semi-regular section on the Wizards Keep website to show photos of the production stage to keep you guys in the picture with what is being worked on.

A lot of you have also spoken to me in regards the Hall of Fame, which is still to be launched.

We are hoping this will take place during the Christmas 2007 and New Year 2008 period. Again the delay is due to the production schedule and my personal deadline commitments at the moment. I want this section to be something special, hence the delay…but it is looking great at the moment.
Well hopefully this update as to what is happening here as more than made up for the cancellation this year of the Lancaster convention. I believe the event will resurface again next year in 2008, but I will keep you guys posted.

For those going along to Birmingham, see you either on Friday at the launch party or else on Saturday at the show itself…

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
October 11th 2007

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