Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New “RALF Figurine on Show…

The First photographs of the latest in the Worlds End character Figurines…
Hi Guys,
I am excited as ecch here at the Keep as we show the first photos of the latest of my Figurines to be put into production. Sean Green is tied up at the moment with other sculpting work, but I have hired the services of yet another supremely talented sculptors in the form of American Sculptor Supreme, Jeff Meckley.

Below you will see the Turnaround that I sent to Jeff and also the first from the batch of photographs he has sent through.

I was introduced to Jeff’s works whilst at the Figurines Manufacturers a few weeks ago. Upon my return to the studio I immediately set about making contact with him to see if he could produce any work for us at Wizards Keep.

Luckily he contacted us back straight away and said he would love to come aboard…the rest is history. Jeff’s work looks decidedly different because of the difference in technique from Sean’s. Sean works in clay, whereas Jeff works in wax.

His work has been seen amongst the war-gaming fraternity for a number of years, as has the toy industry, with Jeff working for such illustrious giants as Hasbro.

Having already seen his work for other companies I cannot wait to see the finished piece.

We will be posting photos of the Ralf sculpture as a Work in Progress, just like the Gweldar Figurine as we receive them. You can find him inside the slightly revamped Figurines section on the Wizards Keep website…simply click on the relevant Logo Graphic and you will be taken to the Ralf page.

Keep checking out the website for news of this and some other VERY exciting news coming soon.

I look forward to hearing back from you all soon, with your comments.Until next time have fun!!!

Tim Perkins
April 15th 2008

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