Friday, April 25, 2008

Orphan Works BILL.

The latest News…

Hi Guys,

I just received this today via email from the Illustrators' Partnership.

It goes like this:


Both House and Senate versions of the Orphan Works Act of 2008 can be downloaded from the IPA homepage:

Many groups are coming together to oppose this bill. We’re preparing letters you can customize and send to your representatives through our push-button link. Please stay tuned and we’ll give you the tools we need to make our voices heard.
For additional background on Orphan Works, go to the IPA Orphan Works Resource Page for Artists:

If you received our mail as a forwarded message, and wish to be added to our mailing list, email us at:
Place "Add Name" in the subject line, and provide your name and the email address you want used in the message area. To have your name removed from this mailing list, send a reply email with “Remove Name” in the subject line. You will receive verification.

I have briefly looked at the Bill - It seems the guys warning us were right to do so.

Please read the Bill by visiting the link to the Illustrators partnership.

Until next time have fun!!!

Tim Perkins…
April 25th 2008


Anonymous said...

Hey Tim,
Glad I stopped by.
I'm definitely staying tuned to help fight this bill.
I've turned my friends onto this, but it seems others (on a forum) were quick to say this was incorrect and not really important.
Thanks again for the update on this.


Tim Perkins said...

Hi Emilio,

Thanks for your comment.

Let's all hope something gets sorted in this regard and soon.

Best Wishes,