Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A couple of plugs Down the Tubes…

Or some of my stuff at John Freeman’s wonderful website…

One of the best editors I have ever worked for was John Freeman, on Doctor Who magazine, way back in the eighties.

Since then John and I have kept in touch, especially since the advent of the Internet. If you have never checked out his website “Down the Tubes”, then do yourself a favour and pay him a visit…ASAP.

Presently John is plugging the fact that the UK comic The Beano is 70 years old today and as part of the celebrations I have a produced a piece of artwork - Billy the Cat, which you can view here on the Down the Tubes Blog:

Billy the Cat

On the main Down the Tubes website John is also promoting Wizards Keep for me in the form of a mini-interview, promotional piece, entitled "Keeping up with the Wizard", which you can find here:

Wizards Keep

Once you have had a look at my stuff, take a stroll through the rest of the website.

There’s always lots to look at…

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
July 30th 2008


Anonymous said...

Hey Tim,
Both excellent pieces.

That Billy the Cat looked cool.
The interview John did came out well. Very cool of him to promote Wizard's Keep that way.

Take care.

Tim Perkins said...

Hi Emilio,

Thanks for the kind words.

Glad you like them.

The Billy the Cat piece I did this morning, as I had promised John a few weeks back I would provide a sketch to celebrate the Beano's Anniversary, but was just too busy to get anything sorted until today, which meant I was just in time of course.

Yes the mini-interview is a nice piece isn't it? John is always a great guy for helping to promote other creators, like this.

I am back on with the pencils to Worlds End again at the moment and I have just started work on the first of a new series of digital paintings.

The Hall of Fame is being worked on again at long last, so stay tuned for that, as they say.

Great to hear from you again.

Best Wishes,