Friday, July 04, 2008

Hot Wheels Issue 49...

A look at the latest cars...

Hi Guys,

Here is another monthly sneak peak at the cars you’ll see in issue #49 of the Hot Wheels comic, to whet your appetite.

The two cars are respectively:

Cockney Cab II – From the story: “Cab Wars!”

Hyper Mite – From the story: “Danger Mite!”

Both stories are produced by the same gang as always:

Written by – "Immovable" Ian Rimmer
Pencilled, Inked and Computer Coloured by – "Titanic" Tim P
Edited by – "Judicial" James Hill
With Production Design by – "Rhyming" Rob Sharp

I am looking forward, as always, to hearing what you think of this latest artwork. The comics will be on sale soon, so don’t forget to order a copy!!!

As a teaser for the next issue following, Issue #50, which I will be pencilling soon, the two cars for fans of Hot Wheels will be Night Burner and Motoblade.

Margaret and I celebrated our wedding anniversary yesterday...yes one day before Independence Day, I know...

And to all those of you reading this in the good old US of A:

Have a Great July 4th!!!

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
July 4th 2008


Anonymous said...

Hey Tim,
Hope you & yours had a wonderful anniversary.

Once again, those cars you draw look awesome.
That Hyper Mite looks kind of futuristic or alive (like some alien), but that Cockney Cab II looks great also.

Catch you next time.

Tim Perkins said...

Hi Emilio,

Thanks for the kind words.

Yes, Margaret and I had a nice time.

I agree, doesn't the Hyper Mite look like some kind of alien.

I really enjoyed drawing these two episodes, as the Cockney Cab II story was set in a cityscape, which was a change of pace and scenario for the characters and the Hyper Mite setting called for lots of spot lights and was a great car to draw!

Glad you like them.

Best Wishes,