Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Believe in Dreams Website Launch!

New companion site to Wizards Keep launch, Saturday 25th October…

Hi Guys,

Well this last couple of weeks has been even more manic than usual, but I’m back Blogging again at last, just in time to let you guys in on a “maybe not so secret” secret.

This coming Saturday will see my wife, Margaret and I launching the new Believe in Dreams website. There are lots of new product ranges from faeries, elves, goblins, dragons, teddy bears, angels, fantasy artwork, gold and silver plated crystal, greetings cards, fridge magnets, keyrings and all manner of fantasy merchandise from artists such as Todd Lockwood, Amy Brown, Jessica Beckett Griffith, Nene Thomas and Anne Geddes, amongst others, as well as all the usual Wizards Keep fare.

Drop by the website over the weekend and then pay a visit to the new "Believe in Dreams" on-line shop, just in time for Christmas.

The Link will be set up under the shop section on the left hand side column of the Wizards Keep website, between "Tim's Blog" and the "Hall of Fame" and there will be extra links set up in a number of areas in our links section as well under Collectibles, Retail Outlets and Toys.

Please feel free to add it to your bookmarks and favourites and check out all the new goodies available from this weekend.

See you there and Happy Shopping...

As I said the other day, I’ll be posting up a review of the Birmingham comics show, which was even better then last year’s for me this week. My next post will also contain news on next year’s Bristol Comics Convention 2009, which Wizards Keep will be attending.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
October 25th 2008

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