Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fantasy Bookmarks…

A look at the latest product to come out of the Keep…

Hi Guys,

Well, at long last, we have the first of the Fantasy Bookmarks up on the Wizards Keep website that only folks that have visited the Wizards Keep stand over the past couple of years at Comics Conventions here in the UK have seen, or you may have seen lower down on the left hand column of my Blog here.

The illustration, produced in blueline pencil and then digitally painted in Photoshop, is of a close up profile view of a Troll.

Now available to purchase from the website, in the
Shop area, under Fantasy Bookmarks.

They are finished in Matt Laminate and can be purchased singly, or in packs of six, or twelve.

These are the first of a range of Fantasy Bookmarks designed and illustrated by me. I’ll be working on more when I can find the time so please feel free to look for more in the range soon.

You can also have them signed by me, by simply dropping us an email over at Wizards Keep when you place your order on-line.

They are the ideal companion to your reading habits - honest!!!

Coming later will be a top-secret range of Bookmarks, with a difference, which I have produced for another company…stay tuned for more details.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
January 21st 2009

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