Friday, July 03, 2009

Joe Rubinstein…and a special thank you to my wife

A look at some of his latest paintings…

Hi Guys,

My good pal, legendary US Marvel & DC comics inker extraordinaire and painter Joe Rubinstein dropped me one if his regular emails the other day along with a few attachments.

So whilst I was waiting to publish the next episode, Part 10, of my Defiant tales, I thought I would write this short Blog and share the pictures with you guys.

Joe has worked for most of the main players in US comics and has worked on virtually every major comics character in American comic books and worked with most of the top artists over his long and distinguished career, beginning when he was seventeen years old. In fact it is cited that he has inked more artists than any other inker. To be more precise and put that into perspective that means Joe has inked some 400+ other artists.

This latest work, which you see here is the other side to this very talented artist, display his painted pieces.

Respectively: The paintings are:

The Joker - in the style of Brian Bolland
Hermione Granger - from Harry Potter
Derek Jetter - Yankee Star
Princess Leia - from Star Wars
Bizarro - from Superman
Superman Model

You can check out more of Joe’s work by visiting:
Joe Rubinstein Gallery

You can also see even more of his work by visiting
Joe’s Red Bubble Site

The cool reason for this Blog is, I wanted to let you guys know you can commission Joe to produce paintings like the ones here and also cover and comic page re-creations, as well as hiring him, just like I did last year on the Worlds End Ashcan cover, which is still on sale and you can check out and purchase here:

Worlds End Ashcan

Joe did an absolutely fantastic job on the cover over my pencils and was an absolute joy to work with. I was really pleased with the outcome and the cover art has got a lot of people saying a lot of nice things about it. The fact that Joe and I had worked together certainly caused a stir. Well we enjoyed it so much that we both hope to do so again very soon. So stay tuned and keep visiting here and the website for more news on that, as soon as we have something to tell you guys will be the first to hear it.

Being an outstanding professional, Joe’s work is always beautiful and always gives artwork great impact. That was the reason I approached him to ink the cover art in the first place. I am sure you will agree, and especially if you have not seen his work before now…you are in for an exciting surprise.

Well, whilst you guys go and check out Joe’s artwork, I am off to the drawing board to continue with the Worlds End graphic novel.

I’ll show some more new stuff soon.

There is just one last thing I would like to say before I do go.

I would like to thank my wife, Margaret for 27 years of marriage, which we celebrate today.

Wow, doesn’t the time just fly by…?

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
July 3rd 2009


Simon said...

Belated Anniversary greetings and thanks for sharing Joe's work with us, fantastic stuff!



Tim Perkins said...

Hi Si,

Thanks for that.

I told Margaret you had sent the message and she asked me to pass on her thanks too.

Yes, isn't Joe's painted work superb?

I figured you guys would love the stuff, so couldn't resist posting it here.