Friday, July 02, 2010

Countdown to the BIG DAY...T-Minus 14 and Counting...

My Daughter, Joanne & Toby’s wedding...

Hi Guys,

Well the final countdown from NASA central for the big launch on July 16th as my Daughter and her Fiancé get married began yesterday and to say things are now getting exciting is an understatement. It is my daughter Joanne’s wedding day soon, and it’s getting nearer and something, which we are all excited about.

I have to admit to feeling a little like Steve Martin’s character in Father of the Bride and I keep looking for Frahnk and his flipping swans in our gardens here. Joanne has been very organised and most of the arrangements have been done for ages, so now it is just a case of fine tuning and making sure everything is still on for the big day.

I keep looking at my speech for the wedding breakfast and adding little snippets to it, but with all that has gone on these past few weeks this has not been easy to achieve, so these next few days on the run up to the big day will see me finalising that and really enjoying the feelings of the moment, again a welcome change for me at the moment.

I purposely haven’t seen Joanne in her dress yet, as I want it to be a big surprise on the morning of the wedding. I have been kicked out of my own house to accommodate a bride, bridesmaids, and bride’s mother only household on the evening before – can you see where the appreciation of the Steve Martin character is coming from yet guys?

I am resigned to staying in a rather posh hotel in the rural area of the Ribble Valley here in Lancashire along with my son, Simon, who is an usher, Toby, the bridegroom and Paul, his best man. It promises to be a rather sedate evening the night before with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and bar area, somewhere to share a few thoughts and laughs before the next morning, when I, at least, will be leaving early to get togged up and ready for the big event.

I am likening it to the feeling we had as comic fans back in the early 70’s when Jack Kirby released his “Big Bang” and “Mountain of Judgment” stories for his Fourth World series.

I have promised myself I won’t be emotional on the day, you know the kind of thing, tears and stuff, but I’m not sure I will be able to honour it, as I am feeling pretty emotional as I write this little Blog for you guys.

There will be photos aplenty here and on FaceBook to show everyone the fun we had on the day, which I promise to upload after the wedding.

So here at NASA control it’s T-minus 14 days and counting.

We’re looking good for go and hopefully the weather will not delay the launch...

We’ll be running down more checks as we get nearer the final launch.

Until next time, have fun!

Tim Perkins…
Friday 2nd 2010

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