Saturday, April 13, 2013

Convention & Festivals 2013

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Hi Folks,

Just a quick Blog today, as lots of folks have been asking when and where I will be attending conventions etc. With all the work on the second volume of the graphic novel, time for these kinds of events is rare, but this year there has already been Sci Fi Weekender in March.

The next event will be the brand new Lakes ComicArt Festival, which is going to be run along the lines of the continental ones. This takes place on Friday October 18th – Sunday October 20th.

I was asked if I would attend as a guest last year when Bryan Talbot recommended the organisers got in touch with me. I will be running an ongoing series of impromptu sketching demonstrations alongside getting folks to join in the fun and sketch along with me. Add to that I will also be signing and selling all the usual Worlds End wares and who knows maybe a piece of limited edition Worlds End merchandise – unique to this event too.

Each month is seeing the guest list added to on the website to raise and keep interest in this inaugural event.

The tickets for the event go sale in may, so expect more news from me then.

Unfortunately I missed out on obtaining a space this year again at Thought Bubble, so my intended appearance looks as though it is in doubt unless there is a cancellation, which is doubtful due to high demand of this popular event, so our energies look to being redirected, more news soon.

The Cumbrian appearance will be followed by my usual one at MaltaComicCon, which will see me return to my winter homeland for a while. MaltaComicCon 2013 is also MaltaComicCon5 – incredible!!! I will also be looking to announce a piece of limited edition Worlds End merchandise – unique to this event too. Dates to yet be announced - more as soon as I know anything form the guys.

All the usual stuff will be on show too as well as previews for the work in progress Worlds End – Volume 2 – A Hard Reign’s Gonna Fall.

As I keep telling folks the best way to stay up to date is via the listing section on the Worlds End Website, although we do announce everything on the Wizards Keep website, as well as the official FaceBook pages, along with the other networks, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Jacketflap, Goodreads, etc as well as here on this lowly Blog. Links to which can be found on the left hand sidebar here on the Blog.

After all there is no point going to events when no one is expecting you is there? LOL.

I will also be teaching out in Malta sometime in the next couple of months, which is exciting as I try to enthuse a new generation of comics creators. Again more news soon.

Next up, some updated news on Worlds End – Volume 2 A Hard Reign’s Gonna Fall along with some artwork too.

Until next time, have fun!

Tim Perkins…
April 13th 2013

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