Thursday, June 07, 2007

Back from Beyond...

Or, where the ecch have you been?

Well a few folks…well lots of you guys have been emailing me and asking what I am up to, so I thought I’d just take a few moments to say sorry for not posting much for the past couple of weeks or so, but I have been really busy since Bristol.

Lately I have been:

  • Finishing off some commercially commissioned work.
  • Working on a project, which is covered by an NDA, so I can’t talk about it, at least not at the moment.

  • Overseeing the graphics for a retail outlet, which is going to stock my products for me and producing POS for our new retail outlet ready for the rescheduled launch around August time.

  • I am about to start work again on “Worlds End” graphic novel over the weekend...

So as you can see things have been a little more than manic around here of late.

A sad piece of news, which I was going to post a Blog on was the recent passing away of artist extraordinaire Angus McBride. If you have never seen his work, do yourselves a favour and look his work up…

Fabulous stuff!!!

I never got around to doing so as I was so busy.

Anyhow, apologies again for not Blogging recently, but I will be sorting a new piece here, very soon…

By the way…what happened to this year?

It’s June already…yesterday it was Christmas 2006…

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
June 8th 2007

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