Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fantastic Four – The Rise of the Silver Surfer…

A Review of the Film…


Please read this Blog at a later date if you haven’t yet seen the Fantastic Four Film!

Jack Kirby's cover featuring The Silver Surfer from Fantastic Four issue 50

Well I have just returned from watching the late showing of the FF film starring Norrin Radd - The Silver Surfer, and I must admit that, despite a few reservations, due to a few reviews and comments from some colleagues in the comics industry, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Movie Silver Surfer from Fantastic Four 2 - The Rise of The Silver Surfer

You could have heard a pin drop throughout the entire performance.

The SFX were spectacular. The characterisations were spot on from the Kirby Lee years of the sixties and early seventies, which was great and I found myself smiling a lot during the entirety.

Of course there was a certain liberty with the character of the World Devourer – Galactus, which I already knew due to certain folks telling me, so I was aware of the change to this character, before seeing the movie. This is why I put a spoiler at the beginning of the Blog…this way other folks won’t have any idea of what I am talking about.

The end of the movie sort of confirmed what I have been hearing in both the comics and movie industries regarding a Silver Surfer film and think that the rumours of one being in the pre-production stage are probably correct, as the final scene lends itself to speculation with the Surfer floating in space.

I am hoping this is where the “real” version of Galactus will be seen for the first time and why the character’s visualisation in the second FF movie was not the Jack Kirby version that all the comics folks both creatives and fans, know and love.

My advice is go out and watch the movie for yourselves and then make a judgement!

The nicest thing about the whole thing was the inclusion of the creative team at the beginning of the movie…

Based on the Characters created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Sure Jack created the Surfer, but at least the credit is there for all to see and maybe as a result his name will become as synonymous with Marvel Comics as Stan Lee’s is nowadays.

By the way Stan “The Man” Lee has one of his obligatory cameo scenes…and it was nice to see him get thrown out of Reed and Sue’s original wedding ceremony…Nice one Stan!

Yet again the movie is a fun thing to watch…

Well done, Marvel this year with some great viewing of our favourite Superhero types on the big screen!!!

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
June 23rd 2007

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