Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Top Secret Project for Markosia Enterprises Limited…

New NDA protected Project scheduled for UK comics and media company Markosia!

Whilst at the Bristol Comics Expo the other week I spoke to Harry Markos Managing Director of Markosia. I had not met him before and had not seen his comic books either, prior to this meeting.

On the Sunday afternoon I had a table to sketch and sign for folks. Whilst I was doing so my wife, Margaret had taken a stroll around the convention hall in lieu of a walk out in the awful rainy weather that day. When she came back she told me I had to take a look at the books on the stand opposite. I had been casting glances over to the books on the stand all day and had wanted to take a look as soon as the opportunity arose to do so.

Now for as long as she has known me, my wife has been surrounded by all things fantastic and comic book-esque, so over the years she has become used to seeing a great many wonderful things, but something about the books on the Markosia stand had caught her eye.

Soon after this I asked Margaret to look after the table, whilst I took a wander over. I spoke to Harry for a while after looking at the books, and they were superb looking books, I have since read them and can tell you they equally well written.

Harry then came over to my table see my work and we exchanged business cards having discussed the possibility of my producing some work for them. Over the weeks since we have had many such conversations, both over the telephone and the Internet via email. Whilst I am not at liberty to discuss the actual project itself, at least at the moment, Harry has kindly given permission to make it public knowledge that I am working with him and his team on a Markosia project.

I am working on my “Worlds End” graphic novel alongside the new project, whilst I finish the pencils for this new work, but don’t worry it will be back on full steam ahead very shortly. It’s actually nice to work on more than one project like this – it helps to keep things fresh.

All I can tell you is that I am having great fun with the new Markosia project!!!

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…

June 19th 2007

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