Thursday, July 19, 2007

New Mattel Hot Wheels Comic published by Toontastic…

New comic work from Toontastic Publishing…

I have just signed on to produce full colour artwork for Toontastic’s new Hot Wheels comic book here in the UK.

This is the first regular comic work that I have accepted in a good few years.

I received an email from Editor-in-Chief, James Hill on Thursday the 21st of June asking if I would be interested in producing some full colour comic art for them again. It’s a few years now since my last work for them, but James is great to work with and I have accepted the commission.

The writer on the comic is: Ex-Marvel UK editor and writer, Ian Rimmer.

Ian gave me my first actual commission from Marvel UK back in the eighties.

So along with James, who was one of the first writers on Transformers back then, this brings part of the original Transformers team from the Marvel UK days back together again for the first time since the eighties…something I am really looking forward to being a part of.

It won’t affect my “Worlds End” output, and will in fact be beneficial to my production schedule on the graphic novel, as it keeps things fresh.

I am due to start work on the comic next week sometime.

I will be picking up the full art chores from issue #39 (Toontastic’s fifth issue, following on from Egmont’s run on the comic). My first issue goes on sale from around the end of September, here in the UK.

Although I have accepted a couple of outsourced commissions recently Wizards Keep is not going to be affected in any way and all the schedules are still on track.

Something as an aside: I have spoken to Harry Markos at Markosia this week, after sending off the latest pages and he has agreed to show some of the pages of the comic I am working on for them as a teaser, so look for these over the next few weeks on display here and on the Wizards Keep website.

I am still on with the pencilling of the Markosia comic and will run this alongside the Hot Wheels comic until it is completed and then it’s full steam ahead with the “Worlds End” graphic novel again, which I will then run alongside the Hot Wheels comic.

Ideally I would love to have the completed pencils for the graphic novel ready for Christmas and then I can concentrate on the paint job in Photoshop, so we can go to print ASAP in 2008…I’ll keep you posted!

I am looking forward to starting work on the new Hot Wheels comic and hope you guys like the stuff when we go to print.

Feel free to contact me and let me know what you think…

Wow it’s like the good old days this…

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…

July 19th 2007


Lew Stringer said...

Interesting that Egmont have lost the licence to Toontastic! Well done of getting the gig Tim. I'll look out for your work.


Tim Perkins said...

Hi Lew,

Thanks for dropping by and the kind words.

Yes I got the gig the day after I put up the post about the Markosia gig, which was nice...Just means I am reeeeaaaly busy...

Who'd have thought back in the sixties when I was buying the cars that one day I'd end up drawing 'em...?!

Hope you are well.

Have Fun!!!

Best Wishes,