Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Transformers the live action movie…

Robots in Disguise – A Review of the movie…

Having worked on the Transformers comics for Marvel way back in the middle eighties I thought I would revisit the characters by writing this review of the movie, something folks have been talking about since the first animated movie came out.Well I have just been to see the new Transformers movie and have to say the film is absolutely AWESOME and then some!!!

Kudos to Michael Bay and everyone that worked on the project and I mean everyone!!!The age of those in the theatre was around the late teens early to mid twenties, which means these guys and gals were there in the beginning with the toys and the animated cartoons and the comics.

It took me back to the thrills I had in my twenties myself, when I was lucky enough to cut my teeth on the comics industry by working on the Transformers comics.

Words won’t do the movie justice…All I will say is do yourselves a really big favour and go along to the nearest venue and see it for yourself…you will certainly see “More than meets the eye!”…

I won’t spoil the script by describing it, but will say that the scriptwriters did it absolutely right.

You will believe the robots are real…

I think this is the best of the films I have seen to date this year!!!

For anyone interested, there is some information and examples of the Transformers comic pages I worked on for Marvel at the Wizards Keep website.

These can be found here:

Again for anyone interested there is also a Transformers website
www.seibertron.com, which has an interview with me which you can access through the Wizards Keep website or here by clicking on this link:


Well that’s enough “having-a-life” downtime for a while and it’s back to the drawing board and computer for me.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…

July 31st 2007

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