Monday, March 03, 2008

Wizards Keep Figurines and a “Worlds End” Ashcan…

The latest news on the production of the figurines and “Worlds End”...

Hi Guys,

Well, I have spoken with my sculptors and manufacturers in regards my figurines ranges and although hard pressed for a launch now at the Bristol International Comics Expo in early May, everyone involved is, pushing to have them completed ready for sale in time for the Expo.

Over the next couple of months look for more information and photos of the figurines ranges as we show a WIP (work in progress) over at the Wizards Keep website, as the sculpting is being done.

On a personal note I cannot express my thanks to the guys involved for their professionalism and dedication under incredible pressure to produce at speed with the same kind of quality that we expect from all our suppliers. I also, knowing what these guys can produce, cannot wait to have them in my hands for the first time.

We have decided not to release details of which characters any of the sculpts are based on, until we are able to show them as well, which should not be very long off now. We’ll also be letting you know who these marvellous guys are at some point.

Excited, you bet we are!!! “Worlds End”

I am presently working on the Ash-can version of the “Worlds End” graphic novel. Rather than totally disappoint those out there amongst you that have waited in anticipation for the release of the book, which we also hoped to have completed and ready for launch at Bristol we decided that this was the best route to take.

Inside as well as the preview pages to the book will be a sketchbook section showing many of the initial character designs, some background information on the characters, a look at what’s to come, exclusive ash can cover artwork, some other surprises, which I can’t divulge at this time…or they cease to be surprises, and a money off token which can be redeemed when buying the graphic novel, directly from the Wizards Keep website, when the book comes out. They will also be able to be used for ordering on advanced sales of the book direct from the website. Instructions on how to do this will be on the voucher.

We are all looking forward to meeting you guys again at Bristol, which ain’t that far away now…

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…

March 3rd 2008

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