Monday, November 10, 2008

Miscellaneous Thoughts...

A little sadness, some happiness and other quick musings…

Hi Guys,

Well I hope all your Bonfire night celebrations went off safe and well.

Like last year there are a lot of Blogs coming up over the festive period, which is only a matter of days away now, before we begin this year’s countdown to Christmas and the New Year…wow!!! 2009 already.

Speaking of time flying, sadly, today is the anniversary of Margaret’s Father, Ralph passing away last year and it really doesn’t seem like two minutes have passed since then and he still, although in everyone’s hearts, sadly missed.

On a much happier note, over the weekend, I have just received the first three pages with digital paint added to my pencils on my Markosia Project, passed onto me by publisher Harry Markos. The colours are being added by a new colourist/painter called Yelena Zamorskaya. The pages look great and do not look like her first work. Look for a Blog soon with some of the first of the finished pages in pencil and some in colour.

I’ll also be Blogging about some of our Christmas Specials, which you will find over at the
Wizards Keep and Believe in Dreams Websites. There will be lots of Festive Goodies on display at both websites.

I also promised (a few Blogs back now) to say a few words about next year’s
Bristol International Comics Show 2009. Once more Wizards Keep will be attending and exhibiting. This year organiser, Mike Allwood is running a special Ramada Hotel Convention only from within the hotel itself. So it will a smaller affair this next time around, but with a great line up of guests, publishers and retailers. I would like to take the opportunity to say a great big public thanks to Mike for including us in his invite only list for exhibiting.

Then there will be the usual Hot Wheels Promo Blog later this week too, with a story with a difference this time around.

Many, many thanks from my family and I, as well for all the very kind well-wishing, which I have passed on to my Mum over the past coupe of months or so since her operation. Thankfully she continues to progress slowly along the path to recovery and asks me to say thanks and give you all a great big hug for all your kind thoughts and prayers!!!

Well that just about rounds up this Blog, but I will be back this week with some of the above reading material.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
November 10th 2008

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