Thursday, November 13, 2008


First Showing of Pages from the Markosia Enterprises Project…

Hi Guys, I thought for this one I would give you a long awaited look at the new comic book artistically conceptualised and pencilled by me…

Hi Guys, Harry Markos owner and publisher of Markosia Enterprises has given me permission to present here and on the Wizards Keep website a selection of pages from the comic book I have recently completed for them.

Over the weekend, I have just received the first three pages with digital paint added to my pencils on my Markosia Project, passed onto me by publisher Harry Markos. The colours are being added by a new colourist/painter called Yelena Zamorskaya. The pages look absolutely terrific and do not look like her first major work. I have to add that the small jpeg here does no justice to the quality of her work either. The full sized versions are incredible!

There’s nothing here that gives away the true nature of the storylines so the NDA is fine, but it gives a chance to show folks what we have been up to.

The story is written by: Andy Briggs and Steven Horvath
Drawn by: Me
Digital Paint: Yelena Zomorskaya
Published by: Harry Marcos

Above is the first of the pages in both the pencils stage and then the digital paint stage:

Look for another Blog soon with another page to view.

There will be more announcements as and when Harry gives me the nod.

In the meantime we would all love to hear from you regarding the work on display here.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon with your comments as always.

For now it’s back to Hot Wheels and then the pencils to “Worlds End”

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
November 13th 2008


Simon said...

Hi Tim, Very nice work, looks like it'll be an interesting, slightly darker, tale than your usual,eh?

Love Yelena's colours on this, she's got quite an eye and talent for colour (You should see what she's done with `Danick and the Dragon!')

Your two styles certainly compliment each other!

Look forawrd to seeing the finished product!



Tim Perkins said...

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the kind words.

Yes this is the other end of the spectrum from Worlds End. It definitely has a dark edge to it, nearer to Dark Crusade, which I did with Paul Roberts, back in the nineties, then my present new stuff with the graphic novel.

Glad you like Yelena's colours. This is the first time I have had someone else colour me in quite a while and definitely the first as far as being more painterly in look.

She does things differently than I do, which adds some extra twists to the art, which makes it exciting for me, as I receive the pages off her.

I'll have to check out the "Danick and the Dragon stuff".

Maybe see you at the Thought Bubble convention in Leeds tomorrow, if you are going along.

Thanks again for dropping by.

Best Wishes,