Wednesday, March 04, 2009

BLOG 200…

Or, wow, that went quick…

Hi Guys,

It doesn’t seem two minutes since I first began writing articles for this Blog. At the time I started I had seen a few that stood out and had the same kind of tone I would like to use if I did one. My good buddy from the Comic Business, Lew Stringer’s excellent, “BLIMEY, It’s another blog about COMICS”, being the main one.

Back then in February 2007 I had been going for just under two years under the business guise of Wizards Keep. I thought long and hard before deciding on whether it may or may not be a good idea or not to start writing one.

The problem I saw was what would I find to write about. It was obvious I would write stuff about Wizards Keep, Worlds End, my Artwork, my Written work, Comics, Literacy, Art, Books, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Science Fantasy, my Family, my likes and dislikes and it was probably at this point I thought, hey look, I think I can keep this going…I think, being the operative words.

Well, I have managed to write about all the above and more and most of the impetus has been through you guys, who continue to come back to listen and often comment on, whether through leaving comments here or emailing me off the Blog through the website email address.

Yes, you guys that care enough to even bother wanting to listen to what I may have to say next and you know what, that is really nice to know someone is on another computer in another part of the world listening and hopefully being a little entertained and occasionally informed as with the Blogs regarding the Orphan Works Bill and the like.

It has been great to be able to discuss and voice my opinions on the state of literacy and comics and graphic novels and children in the UK, especially, as they are as dear a subject to me as the producing of the stories I write and draw. Like I say though it would not have lasted long if the response had not been there.

The job of author, artist is one, which, although a very privileged one, entails long hours at a time, spent in isolation, with ones thoughts as the only company, even if family are nearby. When we are amongst our imaginary friends within our stories, because these characters take on a life of their own and become “real”, the real world goes by unaware of what plans we are making for these imaginary folks and their adventures, until we are ready to share our stories in print.

It is normally only at times like Conventions and Signings whereby we get a chance to discuss openly our work with the general public at large, other than discussions with family and friends.

This Blog has given me a wonderful opportunity to reach people and listen to feed back about the things I have written.

So thanks once again for taking the time out of your already busy schedules to make what I write of some worth. Believe me when I say your presence here, sharing these quiet moments is much appreciated.

Now the Drawing Board and Computers are beckoning, so with deadlines to meet, as usual, I will bid you adieu until the next Blog.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
March 4th 2009

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