Sunday, March 01, 2009

Bentley’s First Long Walk…

Across the fields and far away with the Bogtrotter…

Hi Guys,

Here is the fourth in the series of first specials for my little pal, Bentley.

Today we see his first big outdoor adventure when Margaret, Colin, Joanne, Toby and Lucy, went for a walk with Bentley and I through Sunnyhurst woods in Darwen, and across the fields to the Royal Arms, pub/restaurant at Tockholes, sometime in late summer last year.

The start of the journey was Joanne and Toby’s home, which is just around the corner from the woods. Bentley had never been out for such a long walk and was such a contrast to the little dog who upon first arriving at our home in the summer, pretty much refused to go for a walk under his own steam.

Back then I had to carry him a couple of hundred yards away from the house and then let him down on his lead. He was quite easily conned and he walked home, although I wonder if he knew exactly what he was doing when he did this and was in fact aware he would have to walk back again, so thought he would rather like to be carried there…hmmm…

He enjoyed the seven mile walk there and the seven mile walk back again, maybe because he was able to stop, help us eat lunch and enjoy a pint in the pub. Colin and Lucy also had a great time on the journey to and fro and especially the food and drink part. Colin like Bentley had not been on such a long walk before, whereas Joanne and Toby had taken Lucy there a few times.

Below is a photograph of Bentley pre-walk in his top dog chair. Next are a series of photos of our journey to the pub, past landmarks such as Darwen Tower, ornate bridges, signposts and stiles, which for all the world make it look like Frodo’s trek across the shires in The Lord of the Rings.

You will also see the Bull in the field, which we had to cross on the final part of the journey to the pub. I made sure Bentley didn’t see him.

The next ones show us outside the pub enjoying a nice cold pint. Yes, Bentley is licking his lips as he enjoys a good ale.

Next you see us inside the pub and I especially love the photo of him with his chin on the table waiting for his grub.

Then following the ones on the way back (the Bull was closer to us this time) are three of Bentley at home, feeling pretty exhausted.

The pub is a brilliant place, as it accepts folks walking there with dogs. The best bit is there are loads of dogs around the bar area and the restaurant too, it really is a fun, dog lovers place.

On the way back home we decided to do it again, as we had all enjoyed it so much.

The weather was quite cold, but lovely. It was perfect walking weather in fact.

By the time we arrived home after driving from Joanne and Toby’s home we were all ready for a nice cup of tea and then we snuggled up by the fire, watching telly, waking up a hour or two later as we had all fallen asleep.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
March 1st 2009


JayJayJackson said...

Oh my! That little Bentley is so cute! I love the picture of him laying flat on the wood floor.

Tim Perkins said...

Hi JayJay,

Isn't he just the coolest little dog?!!

I am sending you an email with links to all the pics of the doggies.