Monday, March 30, 2009

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Hi Guys,

It is with much regret that I announce Wizards Keep will be unfortunately unable to attend this year’s Bristol International Comics Expo, but this is due entirely to my workload here being insanely huge at the moment.

I am presently working on the “Worlds End” graphic novel, the monthly Hot Wheels comic, a series of educational bookmarks, and several other commercial jobs, as well as running the day to day business of Wizards Keep, so to say sleep does not fit into such a demanding schedule in which I am juggling all the above, is an understatement, even with the help of everyone else here.

I have left it until now to make certain decisions and it is has been hard for me to finally come to the realisation that something has to give this year.

As a result of my thinking long and hard about this I am sorry to have to tell you the gang and I will be unable to attend this year’s Bristol Comics Expo.

I know from last year how long it took to prepare for the weekend and as this year has moved on I began to worry it was not going to be doable, but I still worked to achieve this.

I have 2009 scheduled in for the release of the graphic novel and this is now my priority number one project. That said I also have other work commitments to honour too.

In this time of world economic recession I feel extremely lucky to be in a position whereby I am so busy and do not want to jeopardise this by taking on that little bit too much and making the deck of cards collapse.

I really had hoped that I would be able to turn things around in time for Bristol and really appreciate the fact that Producer, Mike Allwood gave me the honour of being one of the select few to appear at the venue as both a guest and also as an exhibitor this year.

Even this last few days has been spent trying to re-juggle and re-schedule things to enable us to go along, but it has become more apparent that taking time out to sort new fliers, graphics, promo stuff for the web and for print and getting the new products ready in time for May, along with keeping everything else moving at the pace it needs this year, was going to prove impossible to do.

I know there are a lot of folks both working in the business and also fans of comics that are looking forward to seeing us there and have issued a statement on my Website too, as well as the other Networks and Forums to explain things there, but wanted to speak to Mike first before doing so.

We will be back next year, for the Bristol Expo in 2010 (which is taking place on the 15th –16th of May) and by then the new products will all be ready and hopefully some others not on the public domain map yet too.

In the meantime, as I have said to Mike I, along with the rest of the gang here, want to wish him and his band of merry organisers Good Luck and we really will miss being there as part of Comicdom here in the UK.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
March 30th 2009


Simon said...

Sorry to hear it, but knowing how committed you are, totally understandable!

Maybe we'll all catch up with you at BICS in October?



Tim Perkins said...

Thanks Simon,

Lots of folks are getting in touch and I will get round to speaking to everyone ASAP.

I really have to get the graphic novel finished this year and with all the other work and everything else entailed with the running of the business, there is little time at the moment for anything else.

I am keeping BICS open and if the book is finished then I will be there, so you are right not to write me off attending that one and then there is Thought Bubble in Leeds in November, which again I am down to attend.

I must admit to feeling a little less pressure now since we made the decision not to go along to Bristol this time around and Mike Allwood, has been really understanding and said he was glad it was for the reasons cited and not my health. What a genuinely nice human being he is!

Oh well the drawing board and computers beckon.

See you soon and thanks again for dropping by.