Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dead Ahead...

A Review of the Mini Series…

Hi Guys,

Today I am going to review the mini-series from Writers, Clark K Castillo, Mel Smith, and Paul H Birch and Comics Legend/Artist Alex Nino and colourist Moose Baumann, or at least the first two issues anyhow.

As you guys know I am a huge fan of Alex Nino’s work and also a friend of Paul H Birch. When Paul first mentioned he was working alongside this legend of comics I was excited, both for Paul and his involvement and to know there was a new and much needed series coming from Alex.

I also know Mel Smith through my involvement a few years ago when I was asked to take part in a multi-artist jam on a charity comic book for him entitled, Feed America's Children - Featuring Major Impact, which my good buddy, Richard Elson inked for me.

As you all know I was unable to attend BICS a few weeks ago and I was due to meet up with Paul over the weekend and grab a copy of issues one and two. Well you can imagine my surprise when a few days following the convention a package arrived at the door and there inside the envelope was issues one and two.

I could hardly contain myself and stop from reading it there and then…but I somehow managed to do so, well aside from a couple of scans of the pages of art.

I saved the books for bedtime reading material and boy was it worth the wait.

For any fans of Alex’s artwork – if you think you know his work, check this series out!

Alex Ninó has an amazing talent and habit of changing his style to suit the subject matter and as done this since I first saw his work way back in the cloudy realms of the 70’s. This latest work, looks as fresh and new, as any I have seen in comics for a while and is living proof that older guys can produce great work!!!

The artwork is certainly modern looking, as are his wonderful layouts and disproves the myth that the world of comics has to have young creators to be relevant, trendy and cool and any of the other expletives we so often see when describing the business of comics.

Sure, young guys and gals have something to bring to the table, but hopefully Alex’s latest work goes a long way to bring down the myth that comics are a young man’s game and that age plays no part in what we do, when you are truly talented.

The colourist has done some beautiful work here too and, unlike a lot of todays over glossed and over rendered and sometimes obscuring, dark oeuvres, which obliterates line work and I constantly hear artists rightly complaining about, adds to the flavour perfectly. I don’t whose idea it was to match these two artists but it was a shrewd move from whomever it was.

Now what about the story, I hear you say, well how can this fail in today’s market filled as it is with a "love of all-things Zombie". It’s full of walking, rotting corpses, but the hook and the difference here with this tale is that for the most part it takes part at sea, and so is a wonderful twist on the usual Zombie fare.

It’s been a while since I was this excited about a comic series and it has inspired me to make a new effort to check out a comic shop, ASAP, to see what other hidden gems are out there, amongst the sea of product so thanks for that guys.

If you love great comics, if you love a story with a difference, if you love great artwork then really do yourselves a big favour and get this book now before it becomes an expensive back catalogue comic with inflated prices. Because when it does, and it will you will still have to buy it.

I cannot wait to get my hands on the third issue and I really hope this leads to more new work from the team.

The best looking book I have seen in years.

Alex Ninó still rocks big style!!!

What more can I say, except, why are you still here reading this, go and get the book!!!

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
October 24th 2009

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