Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thanks for the support...

Back to normal here at the studio…

Hi Guys,

Just a few words of thanks to the countless people who commented on all my social and professional networks and via email here at the Keep, offering their words of support and also offers of help.

It was incredible, from the moment I announced I could not attend BICS, the emails poured in. The work is now sorted and hopefully lessons learned by those responsible, if nothing else, the cost of doing so, should do.

I am now happily back on with the digital painting of Worlds End.

Yelena has sent through more pages, so the page count for flatting stands at page 1 through page 30, so she is moving along nicely.

James is casting his eagle eyes over the script and art and I have had very positive reviews from John Ridgway, who has read the script and seen the completed pencil art too, which all bodes well.

The nice thing John said to me the other week is that he wants to buy two copies, one to keep and one to look at until it is worn out. True praise from one of the grand masters of comic book art.

There is still a lot of work, including the lettering by Richard, when the script is given the final edits, but it has moved on massively from the start of the summer until now, so I am smiling, as I write this small Blog.

Thanks again to everyone that got in touch, your support means the world to me.

Until next time have fun!

Tim Perkins…
October 8th 2009

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