Friday, October 15, 2010

MaltaComicCon2010 – The Final Countdown...

The second Maltese Comic Convention...

Hi Guys,

Not long now before I set off for the airport, where I’ll be meeting up with Dave Windett, Liam Sharp and Gary Erskine.

Once we land in Malta, we will be joining the others, whilst Sean Azzopardi’s flight arrives.

The T-Shirts arrived yesterday and the Portfolios and New MaltaComicCon2 Posters are ready for me to pick up later this morning, when I take along the pages to be printed and added to the Worlds End work, which I will be displaying at the venue.

I will end up just short of fully finishing the half way mark, but the backgrounds for just over half the book are done and the characters on most of the remainder of this half of the book are finished too.

One really amazing thing is going to happen sometime on Saturday, we are to be joined by the Maltese President’s wife, where we are to present her with an illustration created by all the comics creators at the event, which is going to be something really different and very nice to boot.

I am also going to present her with some other extra goodies, as I am sure the others are too. It’s not often comics folks get to meet the wives of Presidents.

Whilst I have the chance, I’d just like to wish Shane Chebsey and the guys at BICS another successful UK convention this very same weekend, unfortunately for them the lure of the sunny clime of Malta was just too much to resist.

Well it’s still all hands to the deck for another three hours, or so, as I try to complete some more of the paints on the Worlds End graphic novel, before I have to stop and pick up the prints, run a few errands and then set off for the airport on the train, which is another novel thing for me, as I have always travelled by car, or minibus before, so I better sign off for now.

I’ll post details of this year’s even bigger convention along with lots of photos, in the meantime...

Until next time, have fun!

Tim Perkins…
October 15th 2010

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