Friday, October 08, 2010

SciFi Art Now...

John Freeman’s latest art directory book from Ilex Press...

Hi Guys,

I have literally just received a delivery from DHL. Yes, the book has finally arrived and what a gorgeous looking book it is. I feel extremely honoured and privileged to be amongst such talented people as those contained within this book. The two complimentary copies are about to adorn my shelves here in the studio, so I can gaze on the vistas within whenever I choose to.

I won’t spoil things by saying, which of my artwork for “Worlds End” is being showcased only to say that I have something in there along with many talented artists in this latest directory-type art book, following on from Fantasy Art Now, Fantasy Art Now 2 and Comic Art Now.

The line up is an impressive one, as is the quality of the work within its pages too and, as I have said I feel extremely privileged to be a part of this book.

The UK cover, above, has been created by the extremely talented World Fantasy Award winner and Hugo Award-nominated artist John Picacio. The artwork was first seen gracing the cover of Pyr Books' SF anthology Fast Forward 2 , but his art has been used on many book covers for many other publishers including Subterranean Press, Golden Gryphon Press, and Star Trek novels for Pocket Books.

The US version has different cover artwork, which has been created specifically for SciFi Art Now by Brighton-based artist Steve Sampson.

Top science fiction artist Chris Foss - whose work influenced many readers in their SF book buying back in the 1970s, myself included - has provided the foreword.

Like the 2008 released Comic Art Now book in which I was included, the design and overall look and feel is superb quality and is a testament to John Freeman and his editing.

Like the book from 2008 its content is broken down into genres, or rather sub genres, such as Aliens and Alien Worlds, Incredible Cities, and Steampunk, amongst others and like its predecessors not only allows artists to showcase their work in the real world, it includes their contact details so they can be found and hired like any art directory.

Published by Ilex Press in both the UK and US the 10.5" square SciFi Art Now coffee table book is now on sale.

Some of the names included in the book are: John Ridgway, Liam Sharp, John Royle, Michael WM Kaluta, Paul Eldridge, Gary Erskine, Tom Kidd, Graeme Neil Reid, and Dylan Teague, to name but a few of the eighty-three creative powerhouses within its pages.

Just as in 2008, I highly recommend this book, not because I have something in it, but because there is some incredible artwork inside it and it is a beautiful looking book.

I would like to thank John, in the first instance for getting in touch with me and asking me to be a part of it, alongside some incredibly talented people and also to Ilex Press for honouring me by including me in this book when so many people responded to be included in its pages.

If you don’t yet own a copy, but love SciFi art, you will not be disappointed with this book…I promise you that.

You can pre-order the book by clicking on the link below:

SciFi Art Now

Until next time, have fun

Tim Perkins…
October 4th 2010

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