Sunday, February 18, 2007

BBC Radio Interviews, Conferences, Meetings, Networking and then a little sleep!

Reflections of a more than manic week.

Well Friday and Saturday were write offs for me with this blog, as my wife, Margaret and I didn’t return home until the early hours of Saturday morning.

Still despite the lack of sleep and rushing around, and the erecting and dismantling of the Wizards Keep exhibition stand more than once, whilst still trying to keep a perspective on the normal everyday goings on here, all in all, it was a very productive week.

The Wednesday evening interview on the radio seems to have attracted more folks to the website, so that was successful in itself. Nichola Dixon made me feel more than welcome down at the BBC and made the interview very enjoyable for me.

The conference on Thursday saw the company well received by other companies down in the midlands and from the south of England, which again is good for the profile of Wizards Keep. There was a great deal of interest shown in both the stand and the products on display, which is always great to see.

Friday saw me confirm and line up for definite several top-flight UK sculptors (the best and most respected in their field). So now we have the manufacturer and the sculptors in place. We are also nearer to finding the painters for the limited edition figurines. So we should be seeing ourselves going into production pretty soon with the new ranges. The manufacturer and the sculptors are all just as excited as we are here at Wizards Keep, which just makes things much more fun for everyone. More news as soon as I confirm things.

Yesterday and today have been spent, pretty much catching up with emails, paperwork and general stuff, setting up the coming week for a welcome return to the drawing board for me and the production of the Worlds End graphic novel.

Margaret is on with some very nice pieces for the launching of our first “real” retail outlet (again more of this as soon as we are ready to make an announcement – probably in late April, early May). These new pieces of work by my wife are showing a new and different side to her that even I haven’t seen before.

We are both very excited and these will be launched at the new outlet. Each piece is being hand crafted and the ones she has made, up to date, are incredible to look at.

So again, all in all, this year is starting out as planned with lots of new activity with the creation of new sections on the website, new products for sale (including Margaret’s), more regular information on the news pages from the Wizards Keep team and here on the Blog from the horses mouth so to speak, more promotional activity for the company during 2007, and me working at length on the graphic novel again. This just leaves the launch of the new Fantasy ceramics range and the limited edition figurines and we will be on target for achieving this year’s goals for 2007.

Tim Perkins…

February 18th 2007

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